XOP Networks Conference Bridge DCB-960

XOP Networks 960 Port Enterprise Conference Bridge for Central Office

Model #DCB-960

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Product Overview

  • Reservation less Meet-me

  • Reservation based Meet-me

  • Progressive Dial-out conference

  • Instantaneous Dial-out conference

  • Enhanced Firebar with find-me

  • DNIS based conference room selection

  • PIN based conference room selection

  • Microsoft Outlook based scheduling

  • Web Portal based scheduling

  • Integrated web conferencing

  • Flexible participant selection

  • Email notifications for scheduled calls

  • Voice reminders with acknowledgement

  • Personal and enterprise wide Address book

  • Personal and system wide ‘call groups’

  • Vanity PINs

  • Recording of Conferences


XOP Networks manufactures audio and web conferencing systems for CLECs and LECs looking to provide exceptional conference services to their customers. Our systems can be configured for both TDM and SIP netoworks. in both ac and 48v DC for central office enviroment. Secure LInux servers can be run in tandem at seperate locations for added redundency. Addtional service modulas include Emergency Message Notification and Group Alerting, Voice Mail and IVR solutions. We can provide custom solutions based your specific needs. Find out why companies like large telecommunication service providers like AT&T, Intelsat and TATA chose XOP Networks as their solution provider.

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