6 Digit 4.0” Digital School Wireless TalkBack Clock

6 Digit 4.0” Digital School Wireless TalkBack Clock

Model #SBT-33S-406-1W

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Product Overview

Standard Features

  • 915 – 928 MHz frequency-hopping technology

  • 2.4 GHz frequency range available for international use only

  • Receives and transmits the signal once a minute

  • Wide variety of sizes from 2.5” or 4” characters to 4 or 6 digit displays

  • Two (2) to four (4) levels of programmable brightness (depending on model chosen)

  • Loss of Communication Alert

  • “BELL”, “FirE” and addressable messaging capabilities

  • Ten year battery backup

Additional 3200 Features

  • Elapsed timer capabilities

Additional 3300 Features

  • Elapsed timer capabilities

  • Can interface with existing systems


The SBT-33S-406-1W from Sapling is a new SBT 3000 Series 6 Digit 4” Digital School Wireless TalkBack Clock. This digital school clock not only allows a facility to receive the most accurate time possible, but each clock has the capability to report its status back to the master clock. This is done through our TalkBack Technology – each clock can provide its signal strength, its battery life and even information about the segments on the display.

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