Emergency Notification System Calls Thousands Of Phone Numbers

Emergency Notification System Calls Thousands Of Phone Numbers

Model #AMS

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Product Overview

  • Number of message repetitions The system allows the flexibility of repeating the message a number of times with in the same call.

  • Restrict delivery based on NPA, NXX and XXXX. The system allows the capability to restrict delivery of messages based on Area Codes, Central Office Switch Codes or the 4 digit Station Codes. This can be used to send messages only to certain geographical areas. This capability can be further augmented by interfacing with external Graphical Information Systems (GIS) database that can provide NPA, NXX, XXXX information for fine-tuning the message delivery to a certain area.

  • Message delivery with feedback: The system allows provisioning of feedback based on DTMF digits. A message recipient can indicate his/her preference by pressing DTMF digits. For example, after hearing the announcement, the recipient may be asked to press ‘1’ if he/she will attend a meeting, press ‘2’ if not. After a messaging session is over, the system automatically tallies all the digits and summarizes the results and posts them in the user’s account.

  • Caller ID Insertion: The AMS allows a user specific caller ID to be sent along with the out going voice message. This helps recipients in distinguishing emergency calls from the non-emergency calls

  • Answering Machine Support: The AMS uses sophisticated algorithms to detect answering machines. A user can specify if upon reaching an answering machine, the system should bypass it or leave a different message for the recipient.

  • Group Notification Session Report: Upon successful completion of a messaging session, the AMS provides a detailed report to the user. The report contains information about each individual recipient’s message deliver attempt. It indicates the number at which a recipient received the message, if message could not be delivered then the reason for it, if feedback codes were used, then which recipient pressed which code etc.

  • Call Activity Report: The AMS automatically creates a call activity report that captures all the call processing events associated with the messaging session as the calls are dialed out. This report is then posted in the user’s account for future reference.

  • Back up and restore: A system administrator can create back ups of the critical files and the Database either on demand or on a scheduled basis. The system administrator can restore the system to factory default state if needed. The backup files are kept on the system’s hard drives and can also be exported/imported to an administrator’s PC’s hard drive.

  • Security Features: Following features are provided to keep AMS secure.

  • Built-in Firewall: Using the built in firewall, the system administrator can restrict remote access to the system only from designated IP addresses. Only ports necessary for the operation of the product are open to the external network.

  • Secure Login: Usernames and Password and other important web pages are accessible only through HTTPS port.

  • OS Patches: Installation of security patches and updates to the operating system are provided as part of periodic equipment maintenance.

  • Voice Quality: The AMSs use state-of-the-art hardware with extensive Digital Signal Processing based algorithms that result in crystal clear audio quality.

  • High availability architecture: The AMS supports a high availability architecture thereby guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. For even higher availability, redundant AMSs can be deployed in two or more locations.

Advanced Emergency Messaging Server


Advanced Emergency Message Notification System is the only notification system that provides a complete range of features and notifications that can help protect lives.

Telcom & Data’s Advanced Emergency Message Notification System sends fast and accurate information through text message, voice messaging, email, as well as audio and visual alerts simultaneously. The web based system from a single action, can alert thousands of people of an impending threat. In order to provide accurate information, the Advanced Emergency Message Notification System provides a secure conference bridge, which with a single action, can call all of your first response team including security, police and fire to instantly collaborate on an emergency. Once the threat is better understood, a plan can be implemented and accurate information can be sent out to notify individuals of the threat. Individuals can be notified by text message, voice message, audio and visual alerts. The Advanced Emergency Message notification audio feature will automatically play up to 8 pre-recorded or live message.

Advanced Emergency Message Notification System Benefits

  • One step notification system that sends voice messaging, text messaging and email messaging up tens of thousands of people in a matter of minutes.
  • Optional SafePath Module provides supervised automated audio voice instructed messaging through the existing campus paging system. We can interface with any existing paging system and broadcast alert/instruction for tornado, bomb, terrorist etc.
  • The system will notify everyone including, faculty, student body and emergency services i.e. police, fire and any other emergency services.
  • Offers real time collaboration though a private secure conference bridge. It is one objective to alert people, but our technology offers real time collaboration that offers follow up instruction, reports and assistance.
  • Real time status reports that provide real time viewing of the messaging session. Users can see status of each call as it is being made and also see the over status of the entire messaging session. Why is this feature so important? Because should there be a localized situation you would be able to mobilize units with actuate locations and real time continuous information and keep people secured and or evacuated throughout crisis.

The technology also offers an audio and web enabled conferencing bridge that will pay for itself in a short time.  Not only can you create a safe environment with the notification system but you can have a secure conference bridge.  Find out more about the conferencing features of our technology.

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