Wheelock Universal Weatherproof Volume Control Attenuator

Model #VC-35

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Product Overview


  • Universal, fully adjustable mounting

  • base with banding slots for beams

  • and pillars. Conduit interface

  • adapter with clear plastic shield

  • Weatherproof

  • Volume Control

  • 25 V or 70V

  • Auto-transformer design

  • Stainless steel wall plate

  • Rotary switch that attenuates in 3dB

  • Stops to a completely off position

  • Frequency Response: Insertion Loss

  • Better than 17 kHz :Less than .5dB


Wheelock’s VC-35 is a Universal volume control attenuator and is perfect for controlling the volume of a single speaker or a group of speakers on a 25V or 70V line. The VC-35 is weatherproof and has a stainless steel wall plate.

Non-stock item. Approx. 10 business day lead time.

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