Ceiling Mount Speaker Strobe - Red 115/177CD Fire Lettering

Model #S8-24MCCH-FR

  • Product Overview

    • Approvals include: UL Standard 1971, UL Standard 1480, California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) and MEA (See approvals by model number under Specification and Ordering Information)

    • ADA/NFPA/ANSI compliant

    • Complies with OSHA 29 Part 1910.165

    • Ceiling mount models are available with field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/95cd or 115/177cd (Multicandela models)

    • Strobes produce 1 flash per second over the regulated voltage range

    • 24 VDC with wide UL “Regulated Voltage” using filtered DC or unfiltered VRMS input voltage

    • Synchronize with Wheelock SM, DSM or Wheelock PS- 12/24-8CP and PS-12/24-8MP Power Supply with built-in sync protocol

    • Field selectable taps for 25 or 70 VRMS operation from 1/8 watt up to 8 watts

    • High efficiency design for maximum output at minimum wattage across a frequency range of 400 to 4000 HZ

    • Fast installation with IN/OUT screw terminals using #12 to #18 AWG wires

    • Frequency Response: 200Hz - 15kHz 400Hz - 4kHz (UL)

    • Magnet weight: 9.5 oz.

    • Speaker impedance: 8 ohms

    • Round metal 12” grille, with white powder coated finish

    • Compatible with DC circuit supervision


    • Use with SP40/2 Multi-Function Audio Supervised System

    • Provides for audio quality background music


    The Wheelock Series S Speaker Strobes (S8-24MCCH-FR) are designed for high efficiency sound output, with dual voltage (25/70 VRMS) capability and field selectable taps from 1/8 to 8 watts. The Series S Speaker Strobe models incorporate the Low Current draw Series RSS Strobes. Strobe options for ceiling mount models include Wheelock patented MCC multi-candela ceiling strobe with field selectable intensities of 15/30/75/95cd or the high intensity MCCH strobe with field selectable 115/177cd.

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