Telcom & Data is unmatched in its ability to provide Emergency Communication Systems for Fire and Mass Notification to any organization wanting to protect its most valuable asset, its people. We work with Government, Military, Education, Energy and Transportation segments giving us insight into today's biggest threats. Our solutions can provide early notification against Severe Weather, Fire, Chemical, Intruder, and other emergencies. Call us for a free design quote for your facility.800-335-0229

Emergency Communication Systems (ECS)

Emergency Communication Systems are designed to save lives in an emergency. Our emergency communication systems deliver both high intelligibility audio as well visual notification of any type of emergency. Our in house design team is available to work with your safety team to listen to your concerns and design a system based on your requirements. We provide both IP and non IP Solutions for Schools, Manufacturing, Petro Chemical, Military. Government and General Office applications. Solutions can be used to notification for Code Red Lock Down, Tornados, Fire, Chemical Leaks, Security, and other threats. Our solutions are proven, reliable and easy to maintain. Call us at 800-335-0229 to discuss.

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