Primary Crash Net System

Primary Crash Alarm System I Telcom-Data


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Product Overview

• Standalone Crashnet Ring-down Firebar equipment
• Scalable from 8 ports to 96 ports
• Can support direct analog lines and/or SIP Ports
• FXS Interface for direct connectivity to Field Phones
(RED emergency Phones)
• FXO Interface for direct connectivity to PSTN/On-site
• Digital Master Control Phone(s) for viewing individual line
status (on-hook, off-hook, ringing etc.)
• Web Portal for provisioning and administration
• Support for 10000 feet loops (standard)
• Support for Long Loop lengths , 30,000 feet via external
loop extenders (optional)
• Scheduled (Daily, Weekly etc.) recurring dial-outs for
routine automated Crashnet testing
• Multiple designated trigger phones
• Multiple hysteresis controls for preventing un-intentional
• Web Portal for viewing and controlling on going Crashnet
• Built-in recording capability
• Hardened for outside plant deployment
• JITC Certified


Our Primary Crash Alarm System also known as (Crash Net System) is designed for emergency communications at airports and military aviation base installations. The (PCAS) primary crash-phone circuit is a direct-wired intercommunication system that is installed between Air Traffic Control tower and emergency response teams.. Our system provides an immediate means of communication to primary emergency activities so they may notify all essential supporting activities. The primary crash-phone circuit must be installed at the following locations: Air traffic control tower (initiating agency), Each Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) station, Structural fire and rescue dispatch center Air operations duty office, Station hospital or dispensary and any Search and Rescue organization if applicable. Our solution works with both Analog and SIP trunks or a hybrid combination of both services. Once the Air traffic emergency phone goes off hook the system automatically connects all locations on single call. Locations can be located nearby for hardwired connection or off premise. When initiating a emergency call the following information is required to be reported. Location Type of aircraft Nature of emergency Fuel state Number of personnel aboard Ordnance stores or other dangerous cargo Our solution meets all FAA requirements Per AFI 13-204V3 and U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration150/5210-7D

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