Sapling 4 Zone Rack Mount Wireless Master Clock- 915-928 MHz

Sapling 4 Zone Rack Mount Wireless Master Clock- 915-928 MHz

Model #SMA-3R0-1004-1

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Product Overview

  • LED display for a clear, accurate readout

  • Two line, backlit LCD display with 20 characters per line

  • Improved 2x8 rubber pushbutton keyboard

  • (S)NTP Input Capability

  • Up to 10 server addresses can be pre-programmed into the unit for continuous, accurate synchronization

  • DHCP Capable

  • Interfaces with other systems

  • Interfaces with 59 and 58 minute correction, National Time and Rauland, as well as Dukane digital

  • 12 or 24 hour mode

  • Automatic bi–annual daylight savings time changes (when used as a primary master clock)

  • Bias seconds output

  • Adjust the time plus or minus a few seconds or minutes to fit your application, while still receiving an input from another source

  • Web Interface software

  • Extremely intuitive graphical user interface that allows the user to configure all of the settings of the SMA through a simple web browser

  • Easy programming of the master clock’s four or eight auxiliary relays for scheduling.

  • Control of all of the IP settings

  • View complete lists of all the pre-programmed events and schedules

  • Microprocessor based

  • RS485 input and output for time correction and synchronization

  • Two (2) relays for simultaneous correction of two synchronous-wired clock systems

  • Field programmable

  • Ten (10) year battery backup for timekeeping


Sapling’s new SMA 3000 series (SMA-3R0-1004-1) is a 4 Zone Rack Mountable master clock that comes fully equipped with a crisp LED readout and a backlit two line LCD display. Programming the SMA 3000 with up to 800 events is easy with the 2X8 rubber tactile keypad. The SMA 3000 comes standard with SNTP capability for synchronization to any SNTP web site. The clock has two pre-programmed relays that are dedicated for synchronous wired clock systems.

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