Premier HY-7600 Music On Hold Player For Remote Message Uploads

Premier HY-7600 Music On Hold Player For Remote Message Uploads

Model #HY-7600

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Product Overview

  • Remote Network Delivery of Messages

  • The Ethernet connection allows for remote audio upload via the LAN or WAN. The Hybrid 7600 has a built-in GUI that allows the user to upload an MP3 file, assign static IP settings and even control volume level.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA (Minneapolis MN).

  • USB Delivery

  • If Ethernet delivery is not available, the user can update the audio on-site by means of a removable USB flash drive. Simply drag/drop the MP3 audio file(s) to the flash drive and insert into the 7600's rear panel for instant playback.

  • LCD Display

  • The LCD screen will display device IP information, volume level and configuration settings. In USB mode the LCD will display the audio file currently being played. The LCD can also display a customized “banner” which can display a company name or device description.

  • Rack Mount In addition to a standard wall mount, the Hybrid 7600 can also be mounted in a server rack (consumes 1 rack unit).

  • Mp3 Compatible

  • Both the Ethernet and USB flash drive delivery options are compatible with a standard Mp3 audio file. Recommended MP3 bit rate is 64-128 Kbps.

  • Perfect for Multi Location Businesses


The The Premier Technologies Hybrid 7600 IP Music On Hold Player is ideal for a business that frequently updates their On Hold music and message program and wants to remotely change the audio. Designed for companies that have multiple, remote locations. This system is hands-free and does not require involvement from any on-site employees, as all management is done centrally from the IT or Marketing Dept. The unit and software system is scalable and can rapidly deliver audio to hundreds of locations.

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