CyberData VoIP SIP-enabled Talk Back Ceiling Mounted Speaker 11180

VoIP SIP-enabled Talk Back Ceiling Mounted Speaker (Grey White)

Model #11180


Product Overview

  • Two-way SIP endpoint: VoIP mass notification paging speaker and Talk-back device

  • Supplied with a remote 'push-to-talk' button to enable calls or alert signals to be placed quickly and discretely

  • SIP (RFC 3261) compatible

  • Night Ringer function

  • Plays audio from multicast

  • Web-based configuration

  • Paging prioritisation and background music

  • Web-based firmware upgradeable

  • External volume control

  • Small footprint

  • High efficiency speaker driver

  • PoE 802.3af Enabled (Powered-over-Ethernet)

  • IGMP l SIP endpoint or multicast group member

  • Network-adjustable speaker volume

  • Peer-to-peer capable

  • Can drive one ext. analog speaker for more volume


CyberData's new SIP-enabled Talk Back Speaker enables two-way conversations in settings such as classrooms, offices, medical facilities and clinics. A remote call button (which is included for the SIP-enabled version), enables calls to a predetermined extension that can be initiated from the room with the speaker.

The new SIP-enabled Push-to-Talk Talkback Speaker also includes a monitor mode function where the speaker may be called from a remote phone that discretely monitors the activity in the room. The Push-To-Talk function for the speaker does the best job of addressing high background noise levels, effectively providing clear two-way communication. The SIP-enabled Talk Back Speaker easily connects into local area networks with a single CAT5/6 cable from your PoE switch. Its small footprint allows the speaker to be mounted almost anywhere with multiple mounting options available.

Use the Speaker Calculator below to determine the approximate number of speakers needed for any given space. The speaker calculations are based on equal-sided, unobstructed rooms. For elongated rooms like hallways or for obstructed rooms, additional ceiling speakers may be required.

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