Telcom & Data designs IP Paging System solutions from Bogen, Penton Terracom, Cyberdata and Valcom. From schools to, hospitals, offices and manufacturing facilities we provide complete system design as well as installation. Our IP paging products include speakers, gateways, and paging servers.  Our IP solutions connect to existing network and to cross routers easily as the standard network or internet for transmission, intercom and monitoring. By using the standard network and the POE technology, you will simplify the installation, monitoring, maintenance and a solution to answer to a lot of applications. IT departments love these easy to manage and install IP Paging products and facilitiy departments love them becuase they can connect to existing LAN Networks,  Using existing LAN connectivity helps lower instaallation costs. 

Need a quote on an IP Paging System?  Call us at 800-335-0229. Our team will work with you to develop a custom solution. 



IP Paging System

Telcom & Data provides free IP Paging system design and layout for Bogen, Penton, Cyberdata and Valcom solutions. We offer IP speakers, gateways and amplifiers. TERRACOM is a SIP-based, cost-effective audio over IP distribution system, which utilizes any standard TCP/IP network - even the Internet - for audio streaming, paging, stored message routing, intercom, messaging, scheduling, logic control, priority management and device monitoring. By adding the TerraManager custom GUI control software – you will have unparalleled single or multi-system integrated control - making even large networks - with multiple devices - a breeze to set up.
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