Wheelock MTH-24 Multi-Tone Loud Telephone Ringer Horn

Model #MTH-24

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Product Overview

  • Functions as a telephone extension alert using a pulsed warble tone activated by the telephone systems interrupted or continuous dry contact closure

  • Functions as an auxiliary alert using a steady tone which follows the contact closure of a door service push-button, time clock, alarm systems, etc.

  • When both alerting tones are activated, the steady tone will take priority over the warble tone

  • Built in 10-watt amplifier, electronic dual tone generator (steady or warble), timer for the warble circuit, and volume control • 117 dBA @ 1 meter

  • Includes RPS-2406, 24 VDC, 600 mA power supply

  • Universal mounting bracket

  • If an analog ring voltage (direct telephone line or PABX extension) is present, use the CRT-T-40 telephone relay to develop a dry contact for controlling the Series MTH-24 Multi-tone Horn


Non-stock item. Approx. 3 business day lead time. The Wheelock MTH-24 Multi-Tone Loud Telephone Alert 117 dBA Horn is a loud, weather resistant, attention getting alert designed for use in noisy or large locations where two different audible signals are required at one location for easy identification of the alert signal.

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