Clear Voice Planar Hand Held Speaker

  • Clear Voice Planar Hand Held Speaker
  • ClearVoice Planar Handheld Speaker 2MN-HH

Clear Voice M2-MN Hand Held High Powered Speaker

Model #M2-HH

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Product Overview

  • Hand Held or Mount on Tripod
  • Throw distance 100 yards
    Comes with Battery Pack and Charger
    1 driver
    Very high intelligibility
    Single point source
    3 year warranty
    Controllable coverage pattern
    Rugged housing
    Uniform 4Ohm impedance over the entire frequency curve


M2-HH was designed as a junior version of the 1HH device. The housing and physical dimensions are the same however the M2 is half the weight and has half the output power. The M2 is ideal for smaller crowds or for use in smaller areas. The M2 is easy to carry and has an extended battery life, lasting up to 61 hours of continuous use. Ideal for any public address application where effective communication is necessary.

The M2HH is a powered speaker using one M2 Planar Magnetic Transducer mounted to a 500hz waveguide for increased output and control of the midrange. A rechargeable battery, with 61 hours of operating capacity at maximum output, snaps into the handgrip and can be easily replaced without tools. The system is plug and play and requires no assembly.

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