Avaya Merlin Magix 024 TDL Module 108514522

Avaya Merlin Magix 024 TDL Module

Model #108514522

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Product Overview

  • Adds 24 station ports to your Merlin Magix system

  • Provides 8 Touch-Tone Receivers as shared system resource

  • Clamshell required for Merlin Legend carriers

  • Compatible with Merlin Magix R1.0 - 4.0

  • Station ports are compatible with Magix 4400, 4400D, 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, and 4424LD+ digital telephones; also compatible with the TransTalk 9040 Wireless System


Provides connectivity for twenty-four 4400-Series telephones and contains eight Touch-tone Receivers. Each station port also supports a phantom station, but unlike MLX sets, a MFM cannot be connected to a 4400-Series set. Four programmable operator positions can be connected in the first, fifth, thirteenth, and seventeenth ports.

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