C4000 Nyquist IP Paging System

C4000 Nyquist IP Paging System

Model #C4000

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Product Overview

  • Backup Paging via Nyquist T100 Admin Phones when server fails. 

  • Intercom Call routing to PBX-Based Admin Extensions. 

  • 72-Hur Backup Tone Schedule. 

  • Volume Level change feature. 

  • Daily actions are now conditionally programmed on user-supplied conditional statements.

  • NOAA Alert Notification.


Serving as an IP-Based Audio Distribution Solution, the C4000 Series is a software-based Paging System for commercial paging and audio management, with high scalability, flexibility, and integration with other Nyquist products. With easy to use web-based Interface that you can operate in any PC, table, or mobile device, the C4000 provides audio mixing, distribution, and amplification with other third-party systems like fire alarms, PBX, and access control. 

Providing streaming internet radio service, business user can access commercially licensed streaming music services with a wide variety of background and foreground music for small retailers, restaurants, and bars. With unlimited number of audio sources, the C4000 can be easily change for user's needs, environment, and existing technology.

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