E7000 Nyquist IP Paging System

E7000 Nyquist IP Paging System

Model #E7000

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Product Overview

  • Priority messages feature in selected zone, multiple zones or to specific stations. 

  • User-Definable daily routines feature for lockdowns, severe weather events, fire drills, evacuation, etc.

  • Map-based paging and intercom. 

  • Supervision alerts via email and dashboard pop-ups.

  • Call monitoring and recording. 

  • High quality audio management and distribution. 

  • Integrated separate zone volume controls. 

  • Bell schedule.

  • Scheduled audio distribution. 

  • Ambient noise sensing monitors that automatically adjusts page announcements with background music to keep intelligibility.


Software based with the latest mobile and digital technologies, the E7000 Series addresses educational environments, security challenges and ever-changing user's needs. Using existing facility wiring, the Nyquist E7000 offers simplified installation and configuration process, and the easiest migration path for legacy paging and intercom systems. You can configure the E7000 Series products with browser-based setup wizard, they also work as self-contained systems. 

Leverage from the Easy Graphical User's Interface (GUI), administrators and staff now can integrate the E7000 Series and VoIP Admin or Staff Phones into their workflow, it allows users to access the system any time of the day everywhere. Simple to use, reducing distractors and improving operator's response times. 

This IP-Based Paging System makes mobile accessibility way easier too, allowing administrators to access the system from anywhere, making monitoring, call recording and playback faster and safer. It can be connected to selected third-party security devices like locks, alarm systems, and sensors. Page and intercom functions are now controlled better, station supervision feature alerts administrators via email and dashboard pop-up if they go off-line. 

As you can see, this is the most-featured version of the Nyquist E7000 product line, find more about the system integratiosn with other Nyquist products by Bogen.

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