Bogen Amplifier Transformer Balanced AUX input module

Model #TBL1S

Regular Price: $100.98

Special Price $55.45

  • Product Overview

    • Transformer-isolated line level input

    • Gain/Trim control

    • Bass and treble

    • Audio Gating

    • Gating with threshold and duration adjustments

    • Variable signal ducking when muted

    • Fade back from mute

    • 4 levels of available priority

    • Can be muted from higher priority modules

    • Can mute lower priority modules

    • Pluggable screw terminal strip


    Plug-in modules support different input types including the ability to interface to balanced and unbalanced high- and low-impedance inputs, stereo and mono, telephone PBXs, and microphones. A stereo, balanced, high-impedance input module (BAL2S) comes standard with each amplifier.

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