IR MIC/Transmitter

IR MIC/Transmitter

Model #OMX1

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Product Overview

  • Can be used as a handheld microphone, as well as worn on a lanyard around the neck, or as a body-pack with external microphone

  • Built-in microphone with recessed volume control

  • Optimally sized for handheld and pendant use

  • Sculpted Comfort Grip for easy handling

  • Adjustable lanyard with break-away clasp for neck-worn applications

  • Rugged, reliable, spring-wire belt clip

  • Use built-in microphone or external microphone (according to user preference)

  • AUX input for wireless connection of audio sources (computers, MP3 players, etc.)

  • Recharges when placed in Receiver/Base Unit for storage

  • Rechargeable, high-capacity Li-ion battery is included

  • Comprehensive Battery/Status Indicator

  • Mute other MIC/Transmitter in the room via function button (defeatable)

  • Initiate intercom call via function button (defeatable)

  • Selection Tab ensures each MIC/Transmitter will only store/recharge in its designated charging dock

  • ID Label Strip to identify each MIC/Transmitter

  • Battery Charge Status Indicator

  • Local Microphone Mute

  • ON/OFF Power Button


The rugged, wireless, IR MIC/Transmitter (OMX1) can be used as a handheld microphone, worn as a pendant microphone around the neck, or clipped to a pocket or belt as a body-pack (with an external lavaliere microphone). In addition to using the MIC/Transmitter for live voice, a mini-jack AUX input is provided to allow other audio sources to be transmitted wirelessly for the ultimate in connection convenience. The MIC/Transmitter includes a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

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