Penton Terracom Application Software for PA/VA & BGM Terra-Server

  • Terracom Application Software for PA/VA & BGM Terra-Server
  • Penton Terracom Application Software for PA/VA & BGM Terra-Server

Penton Terracom Application Software for PA/VA & BGM

Model #Terra-Server

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Product Overview

  • Client-server model.

  • Up to 99 priority levels.

  • Hundreds of remote stations.

  • Ethernet, TCP / IP, VLAN compliant.

  • Scheduler for automatic audio messages broadcasting.

  • Record messages.

  • Text-to-speech.

  • Historic log file of the whole system.

  • Paging record of all the audio played out.

  • Hardware supported:
    - PPM - IT5.
    - TERRACOM range.
    - IDA8.
    - DIVA8.


TERRA-SERVER is an audio distribution system for Public Address and evacuation purposes which rest on an Ethernet/IP networking architecture. It is capable of making microphone calls, starting prerecorded messages or routing music through the network from a central based server and/or operator unit.

Zone management An intuitive drag & drop application allows you to create buttons representing zones or group of zones. You can easily customize the graphical user interface. Bookmarks will help you to handle hundreds of zones.

Announcement A live announcement can be started with or without chime. If one of the destination zones is busy and if the live announcement has a lower priority than the existing message, the TERRA-SERVER will point out that the destination cannot play the message and/or automatically record the live message and plays it when the zone is ready. A live message can also be first recorded then played locally to check than it fits the users expectation and finally streamed out to the destination(s).

Music With an ATEIS solution, your public address & voice alarm system or your intercom system can be used for background music. Thanks to priority management, the music will never disturb the announcements. The music can be either play lists of mp3 files or dedicated hardware inputs to plug a CD player for example.

Scheduler In some applications, you will need to schedule the announcement and the music playlist like for schools, theme parks TERRA SERVER proposes a scheduler for programming once, daily or weekly different events.

Client server The software can also be installed on multiple computers at the same time, associate with microphone paging desks, IP matrix, and IP terminals. In the network, at least one computer must act as TERRA-SERVER and carrier the content of prerecorded messages and the music libraries. This server-PC is also used for system configuration settings and logging. Because this server plays a vital role in the system it can be linked to a back-up server system.

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