Master Control Panel MCP35A

Master Control Panel for Bogen Intercom System MCP35A

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Product Overview

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  • Instantaneous two-way communication and distribution of background music or other program material

  • Instant emergency and all rooms announcements

  • Remote emergency paging capabilities

  • Color-coded front panel for easy operation includes green guidelines for the intercom channel, amber guidelines for the program channel, and a red push button used for emergency page

  • Includes two built-in amplifiers (20-watt intercom amplifier and 35-watt program amplifier)

  • Provision for time signaling, telco, and voice call-in

  • 2 Lo-Z balanced microphone inputs; 1 Hi-Z unbalanced AUX input

  • 25V booster input and telephone paging input

  • 25V balanced line output

  • Terminals provided to activate the time signal feature and telco page feature

  • Call-in switches can include a privacy mode

  • Operates from a 120V, 60 Hz AC source and consumes no more than 100 watts

  • Front panel finished in black


The Master Control Panel for Bogen Intercom System MCP35A is the main control component for Bogen's PI35A and SI35A, 25-station intercom systems designed to provide facilities with two-way communication, emergency paging, time tones, and background music or other audio program material to speaker-equipped locations.

Front Control Panel Options

  • CONSOLE MIC - Used as microphone 1 or in conjunction with the emergency page or press-to-talk/release-tolisten (intercom) push-buttons
  • EMERGENCY PAGE - Used to make announcements to all speaker stations. 
  • PROGRAM DISTRIBUTION - Used to make input source selections. Choose from or mix input from MIC 1 (console or external microphone), MIC 2 (external microphone), or AUX (tuner/CD player), as desired.
  • ALL ROOMS - Used to distribute a program to all speaker stations with selector panel switches set to either the “A” or “O” channel.
  • INTERCOM PRESS-TO-TALK/RELEASE TO LISTEN - Used to communicate with the speaker station selected from switchbank channel “C”. 
  • PROGRAM TALK LEVEL - LED indicators. N (normal) lights green to indicate proper signal level. 
  • PROGRAM - Used to adjust volume level to speaker stations.
  • 8. MONITOR/LISTEN -  Used to adjust the volume level to the front panel speaker.
  • 9. FRONT PANEL SPEAKER - Used to monitor a program or to listen to a station via the intercom (C) channel


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