• BBX Call Center Reporting Software Low Cost Big Features

    Telcom & Data INC. is proud to announce it has partnered with BBX Technologies Call  Center Vuesion Software for delivering call center solutions to Avaya IP Office users. The IP Office is mid size phone system for up to 2000 users. The BBX Vuesion software is delivers a total solution for the enterprise application. Vuesion's single-platform design encompasses a complete Contact Center solution, integrated with a powerful Unified Messaging voice processor and voice logger/recorder. This cost-effective approach yields highly integrated software modules, lower maintenance, and a scalable installation. Customers have the option to add software modules and licenses as they go and as their business environment dictates.  Call Center features include:

    • Scalable from small groups to enterprise multi-site businesses
    • Intuitive and familiar user interface
    • Blended multimedia with Email, FAX, voice and out dial queuing
    • Enhance customer service with skills based routing, priority routing and rules based routing
    • Increase agent productivity with call coordinated database screen pops, text chat, and presence
    • Improve supervisors’ efficiency with access to reporting, agent coaching and call recording.

    Vuesion works well for various types of business including insurance, health care, technical support, and order processing.  The Vuesion Contact Center suite offers the same advanced features, typically found in larger contact center suites, at an affordable cost of ownership. 

    With the Vuesion PC software, supervisors have the features they need to manage the center and agents. Supervisors have real-time information on agents, wallboards, and threshold alarms when important events occur. Supervisors may “rescue” a specific call from queue, monitor and record agents and utilize the PC chat with instant text messaging for agent assistance. Supervisors have access to call reports for tracking every performance and productivity aspect of an agent, a group and/or the entire center. Supervisors keep track of their agents and groups in one single site or across multiple sites in the enterprise.

    For information on Vuesion please visit on line at http://www.callaccounting.org/ or call 800-335-0229.


  • Avaya Phone System Support for Chicago Area Businesses

    Avaya phone system support is available for Chicago area business for both newer and older phone systems including Merlin , Partner, Spirit, Definity, Audix , and IP Office. Located in downtown Chicago, Telcom & Data ,est 1996, is centrally located to handle service calls quickly for customers with service effecting phone problems. Telcom & Data also carries a large inventory of phone system parts including expansion modules, power supplies and phones.  Besides phone system support Telcom & Data can help businesses relocate an existing phone system to a new location. Telcom & Data can provide new voice and data wiring as well as coordinate phone services with local phone carriers such AT&T.  Rates are $ 145.00 for one hour of on site support plus parking, and travel if outside the 312 area code. Remote phone support is also available in 1/2 hour increments starting at $ 85.00 Call 312-432-1148 for immediate support. maintenanceman

  • Avaya IP Office Phone System Support Help

    Did your company buy an IP Office phone system and now you are in charge of programming changes?  We can help. Telcom & Data, an Authorized Avaya business Partner, provides complete support on IP Office and VoiceMail Pro. From simple password changes to complete system upgrades Telcom & Data has the technical expertise.. Why work with Telcom & Data?   Telcom & Data has been around since 1996 and and have helped thousands of customers. Personalized service with helpful techs are the keys to providing service customers love. Other services include systems moves, PRI and SIP trunking, remote worker set up, audio and video conferencing, networking and more. The Avaya IP Office latest release is R9. If you are operating on an older version of IP Office consider upgrading and get more out of your investment. The new version 9 offers many new features including Android and iPhone apps for virtual workers.

    Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1600 technicians nationwide and no matter where your business is situated on site support is always available. Remote support is very affordable and quick changes are easily handled.

    Phone System  maintenance and service agreements are available to protect your business against expensive system repairs and outages.

    For support call 800-335-0229 or visit http://www.telcom-data.com/avaya-phone-support.aspx 

    IP Office Support Avaya IP Office Phone System Support
  • Avaya Loses Battle Over 3rd Party Maintenance Support

    After 8 years of battling and a 6 month court hearing ,  a U.S. District Court in Camden, New Jersey jury has found that telecom manufacturer Avaya violated federal antitrust laws.  What that means to Avaya customers worldwide that use Avaya support services is that they do not have to purchase post support maintenance services from the manufacturer and can purchase telephone maintenance services from a third party.  Avaya manufacturers telecommunications equipment including IP Office, Communications Manager,  Audix Voice Mail ,  as well as Northern Telecom BCM and CS1000 PBX Phone systems.

    All of this is great news for Avaya customers that want to shop for more competitive maintenance service providers. Phone system maintenance is crucial to any business that depends on its phones. Telecommunications drives the economy of most companies from sales to customer service to phone orders. Whether your company is a bricks and mortar company or web based, a solid reliable phone system is the vehicle for communications.

    Chances are if your phone system is passed it’s prime Avaya may have discontinued or limited the scope of Maintenance Services for your phone system. Once Avaya has declared "end of life," "end of service," "end of support," "manufacture discontinue" or similar designation ("End of Support") you were pretty much out of luck in getting your system serviced by Avaya. However you can still receive expert support from Telcom & Data. Telcom & Data offers maintenance services for most AVAYA end of support products.

    Telcom & Data offers complete phone system maintenance, upgrades, and repairs in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Telcom & Data provides Signature Service Maintenance and Support covers all parts and labor on all Avaya. Nortel, and Lucent branded telephone systems . For more information call 800-335-0229

  • How IP Telephony Can Help You Through The Polar Vortex

    Midwest Polar Vortex Is the Polar Vortex keeping your business closed?

    As the Polar Vortex passes through much of the U.S. businesses, schools, airports and government offices have closed because of icy impassable roads.

    The economic effects for businesses can be tremendous. A disaster recovery plan can keep businesses operating even in the event of widespread power outages, transportation strikes, or natural disasters.

    VoIP and Failsafe routing are two technologies that help your business avoid costly closings. Fail safe routing is having a plan to which in the event of a catastrophe phone calls can be re-routed. It could be as sophisticated as having a full disaster recovery plan in which you might have a back up VOIP phone system in waiting to allow your office to become virtual or as simple as having calls re-routed to a cell phone. Fail safe routing can protect your business when a cable has been cut or phones lines have been frozen over and broken and your phone service with it. To talk to someone about how failsafe routing can protect your business click here.

    Having a VOIP phone system could enable a company to work virtually. Workers could work from home or other locations with VoIP enabled phones or PCs with softphones. Avaya IP Office is a VOIP phone system that can be set up and installed as a virtual PBX. It offers both VoIP phone sets and softphones. As long as phone service is still working, workers don't have to leave home to answer phones.

    How to protect your business

    Having a fail safe routing plan is a must for all businesses. You don't have to operate on a fault line or on the coast to have a plan in place.

    A fail safe plan should contain a few things:

    1. Escalation phone number list. This list should contain the phone numbers of both your phone company and PBX vendor. It should have the names and numbers of everyone up the ladder. The higher you can get it the better. You are probably going to receive faster resolution to your problem if you have the VP of Services’ number then just the customer service number.
    2. Have a designated number to which you can receive calls in case of phone service interruption. You should talk with your carrier ahead of time so they have the number as well. Some carriers like Access One in Chicago offer this as part of their service. When they detect an outage they automatically send calls to another number. Do not assume a carrier will offer this to you in the event of an outage. On recent service call we received from a new customer who had been completely with out phone service for the day we asked the carrier why they had not offered fail safe routing to the customer , who had two other locations, they said ” they never asked us to”.
    3. Make sure the plan is in the hands of a few key people. When problems occur it’s always at an inconvenient time. Make sure everyone knows the drill.

    Other things to consider is having a full disaster recovery plan. PD Management recently added a disaster recovery plan which included a fully loaded phone system that could be dropped shipped and set up in days notice. When asking Joani Baskins the PBX manager about it she said ” it is essential to our business operations to keep phone service up in the event of an ice storm”. PD Management has locations in Texas and Louisiana.

    Telcom & Data is a nationwide business telecommunications equipment and service provider based in Chicago. In addition to phone system service, Telcom & Data sells and services 

    Avaya Telephone Systems for small, medium, and large businesses. If you would like more information on fail safe routing call 800-335-0229 or visit us on line at www.telcom-data.com

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