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  • Telcom & Data Introduces Trisys Phone Call Recording System, Delivers Critical Business Protection

    Trisys telephone call recording system is perfect for small and medium sized businesses looking for a cost effective and user-friendly product.

    Telcom & Data, a leader in business telecommunications, is proud to introduce Trisys Replay call recording system. The system includes a server and accompanying software. The device allows businesses to simply and affordably record phone conversations in high quality digital sound. Firms record phone calls for quality assurance, dispute resolution, and fraud protection.

    To regulate quality assurance, businesses can record customer service calls. Correspondingly, a business can use the recorded calls to train its staff by correcting mistakes and identifying positive exchanges. Firms also use call recording for dispute resolution. For example, if a customer says they were quoted the wrong price, the accused business can simply check their phone records to verify the allegation. In turn, a business can ensure its suppliers keep verbal agreements. Firms also use call recording to verify fraudulent calls are not being made from their business. Phone system hackers can make illegitimate calls to locations all over the world if a business is not monitoring their phone calls closely.

    There are five versions of Trisys call recording hardware to meet the unique needs of different phone system arrangements. Replay T1 records voice activity over T1 PRI trunks. Replay ST is used for analog and digital phone systems. Replay ATS is used for connecting to analog ports. Replay SIP is used to record voice activity in a SIP-based IP PBX environment. Replay RTP is a station side recording solution for IP phone systems.

    When Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telcom & Data, was asked about the importance of call recording, he said, “Call recording is absolutely essential for any business. It’s a powerful tool for training employees and preventing fraud.”

    For more information about Trisys Replay call recording systems, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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