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  • Experience the Benefits of Wearing a Telephone Headset at Work, in the Car, and at Home

    Headsets have become very popular.  For professionals who spend a significant amount of time on the phone, headsets offer a much more convenient and comfortable experience.  Moreover, headsets can offset safety concerns for cell phone users and they can simplify at-home tasks.

    Headsets at the Office

    What happens when you receive a phone call at work without a headset?  First, you will find it’s very difficult to type, take notes, or find a file with only one hand available.  Second, you will probably shove the phone between your neck and shoulder so both hands are free. The bad posture will lead to neck and shoulder pain.  A headset relieves these difficulties.  A headset gives you the ability sit up tall with your neck and head straight and leaves your hands free for other tasks.

    Headsets for Cell Phones

    Cell phone headsets are especially helpful in the car.  It is clearly safer to have both hands available when shifting, steering, and signaling.  But that’s not all - although the scientific evidence is inconclusive on whether or not the radio waves from cell phones can cause cancer, the American Cancer Society states, “people who are concerned about radiofrequency exposure can limit their exposure, including using an ear piece and limiting cell phone use, particularly among children.”  It’s better to be safe than sorry and use a headset.

    Headsets at Home

    Headsets can also be used for at-home tasks.  For instance, headsets can be used to talk on the phone while cooking, cleaning, and caring for children.  Moreover, headsets can be great for those that work at home; they can benefit from all the points discussed in the “headsets at the office” section above.


    Headsets offer critical safety precautions, convenience, and flexibility wherever you are.   Headsets can reduce neck pain, shoulder pain, car accidents, and they may even help prevent cancer.

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