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  • Telcom & Data Introduces the Only Truly Wireless Conference Phone with Removable Microphones, Speaker, and Dial Pad.

    Wireless Conference Phone Revolabs Flex Wireless Conference Phone


    Telcom & Data, a leader in teleconferencing products, announced today the introduction of Revolab’s FLX wireless conference phone to its product line. The problem with every wireless or corded table top conference phone is that its microphones and speakers are fixed to the unit. The Revolabs FLX gives new flexibility to teleconferencing with respect to the placement of the speaker, microphone, and wireless dial pad. The microphones, speaker, and wireless remote dial pad can be placed where needed. The FLX (“FLEX”) wireless conference phone is ideal for small and medium-sized conference rooms requiring better sound coverage.

    Revolab’s FLX wireless conference phone has many unique features to maximize convenience and performance. The FLX supports both audio and video conferencing to reduce the amount of equipment needed, minimizing overhead costs. USB audio to a PC makes applications such as Skype, WebEx, Lync, and Sametime wireless and equipped for conference calls. Because the inconvenience of wire configuration is eliminated, the microphones and speaker can easily be placed throughout the room to optimize sound quality. With a transmission range of 65 feet, room arrangements are endless. The FLX has crystal clear audio and is resistant to feedback from wireless electronic devices like cell phones, iPads, and laptops. Security is ensured with a 128-bit encryption, which means no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphone and base station. For this reason, Boeing and Bank of Chicago trust Revolabs with their teleconferencing needs. Users can make private phone calls using a headset and mobile users can utilize Bluetooth communication. The FLX supports both VoIP and analog phone interfaces.

    The FLX has four microphone purchasing options to meet users’ unique needs. The first option includes two omni-directional microphones, an ideal solution for medium-sized conference rooms where two different areas of the room require a microphone pick-up. The second option includes one wearable and one omni-directional microphone, designed for conference room presentations with live audiences, such as churches and schools. The third option contains two directional microphones, ideal for audio or video conferences where participants are in a limited area. The fourth option consists of two wearable microphones which are intended for conference room presentations without live audiences.

    When Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telcom & Data, was asked about the advantages of FLX, he said, “Revolab’s FLX wireless conference phone is a perfect solution for users that don’t want to be constrained to the acoustic limits of traditional table top conference phones. We are very excited to bring this technology to our customers.”

    For more information about the FLX, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

    ABOUT Telcom & Data: Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunication solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in teleconferencing and unified communications. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1500 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

    ABOUT Revolabs: Revolabs, Inc. is the premier provider of wireless audio solutions for unified communications, enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications across a wide range of markets. Offering unmatched audio quality that allows users to “hear every word,” the company’s wireless conferencing and microphone systems are utilized across the globe for a variety of applications, from webcasts and video conferencing to podcasts and broadcasting.

  • Buyers Guide to Wireless Conference Phones

    Conference Phones have become mainstay in today’s conference rooms.  Usually with conference phones there is a spaghetti bowl of cables that can clutter up the most beautiful and expensive conference room tables making them look unsightly.  Wireless Conference phones provide mobility and a clean looking conference table.  There are several manufacturers of wireless conference phones including Polycom, KonftelClear One and Revolabs.

    Each wireless conference phone manufacturer offers something a little different and there are some pros and cons to consider.  Each of the manufacturers listed here offer great sounding full duplex conference phones for teleconferencing.  There are some differences in quality of sound but like audio speakers that can sometimes be only decided on personal preference.  Polycom, Konftel , and Clear One offer similar types of wireless conference phones.


    Revolabs offers a unique wireless conferencing solution that includes wireless microphones and an audio conference unit that connects to external room/ceiling speakers with a wireless dialer and conference controller.  This is a superb solution for larger conference rooms and odd shaped conference room tables such as U, T or O shaped conference tables where a traditional conference phone would not work. Revolabs can be part of a Multi-Media conference room that might include Video Conferencing.  The wireless microphones are about the size of a cigarette lighter and can be ordered as omni, handheld, lapel or as a wearable microphone.  The Revolabs  is not your father’s conferencing system unless your dad was 007.

    Polycom SoundStation2 Conferencing Phone W/Display (Non-Expandable)-

    Polycom SoundStation 2W Wireless is probably the most well-known among all conference phones.  The design has been around for a while and is familiar to most.  The Sound Station offers two Sound Stations. One is expandable with MIC Pods and the other is not.  The Sound Station2W boasts 150 Ft of wireless range,  12 hour talk time on a single battery charge,  cell phone dialing and connectivity when no analog line is available, comes with a back lit display and an AUX out jack for recording calls to a recorder.

    Konftel 300W - Wireless DECT Conference Phone with Omni-Sound Technology ( 840101067)

    Konftel has been manufacturing sleek great sounding conference phones since 1988 and is the number one selling brand in Europe. Avaya liked them so much they bought the company.  The Konftel 300W DECT wireless conference phone has some impressive features like a high end luxury European auto.  The 300W has a range of over 600 FT of wireless range, standard 60 hours of talk time on a single battery charge, offers cell phone and USB connectivity for cell phone and USB internet calling, comes with a back lit display with a 200 memory speed dial, it also has an on board 2Gb SD card for recording conference calls.  A very nice conference phone.

    Clear One MaxAttach Wireless Conference phones are expandable offering a unique feature that allows the connecting of up to 4 phones to work as a single wireless conference phone solution. This is great for long conference tables and odd shaped conference tables such as U shaped conference tables.  With four phones connected there would be 12 microphones and 4 speakers covering the room.  The phone features First-mic priority eliminates hollow “tunnel” sound by activating only the microphone closest to the person speaking and noise cancellation to cut out background sounds such as HVAC noise.


    For more information or questions about wireless conference phones please call 800-335-0229


    From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad

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