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  • 4 Ways to Lower Your Business Phone Bill

    More than ever, businesses are looking for ways to lower costs.  I’m sure your business is no different.  Due to the necessity of phone services, high costs are often ignored.  The philosophy is “we need it, so we have to pay for it.”  You don’t need to think this way.  In the following, I will reveal 4 simple ways to lower your telephone service costs.

    1) Switch to VOIP

    Switching to a VOIP service provider can save you a lot of money.  VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol.  VOIP gives you the ability to make and receive phone calls over a broadband internet connection.  Because calls are not sent over traditional phone lines, service plans are less expensive.

    2) Bundle Your Services

    Do you have separate service providers for high-speed internet, land lines, and cell phones?  If so, you can easily save money by choosing one provider for all of these services.  You should take advantage of bundle discounts whenever possible.

    3) Phone Cards for Small Businesses

    If you operate a small business, you may only occasionally make long-distance phone calls.  In this case, a phone card can often be cheaper than a traditional long-distance service plan.

    4) Get a Phone Bill Audit

    For complete phone system cost management, you can get a phone bill audit from an expert. Telcom & Data provides phone bill audits with a comprehensive rate and tariff analysis.  We save you money by recovering historical credits, creating ongoing cost reductions, and preparing recommendations that will generate future savings.  Historically, we have identified excess cost in nearly 95% of the clients we audit. You have nothing to lose because our phone bill audits are FREE!

    Get a FREE Phone Bill Audit Now!

    I hope this article was helpful.  Please leave comments or questions.

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