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  • Telcom & Data Introduces Vigitron High Power POE Switches

    Todays IP end points such as IP Speakers, IP Cameras and Wireless Access points require more and more power. Vigitron POE Switches offer some of the most powerful switches available.

    Telcom & Data is pleased to announce the introduction of Vigitron POE Plus switches. Vigitron manufactures several different niche products designed for IP Paging, IP Cameras and Wireless Access Points.

    The most powerful POE switches Available

    Vigitron Maxiinet POE Switches are next generation Layer 2 managed switch designed for PoE+ and high bandwidth network applications. It provides a reliable infrastructure for your business network. The Vi30126 delivers unique intelligent features providing unmatched reliability for critical POE, bandwidth, and port security. The Vi30126 enables individual port programming to apply POE individually to each port lowering the potential for power overload resulting in potential damage to the switch and connected devices.

    The MaxiiPower  Midspan Switches work with existing NON POE switches and deliver POE to IP end points reducing costs while providing up 37 Watts of power per port.

    Vigitron POE Splitter devices is a 3-port Layer 2 Ethernet and PoE switch providing drop and insert capability for connecting several IP devices along a single cable run. This provides a cost effective method for increasing distances beyond the standard Ethernet limit of 328 feet (100m). Multiple units can be cascaded to provide up to nine IP Speakers or IP Cameras to be connected to a single network switch port over distances of up to 2,952 feet (900m).

    Learn more about Vigitron POE Switches, MidSpans and Splitters at Telcom & Data Inc. visit or call us at 800-335-0229

  • Telcom & Data Introduces Explosion-Proof Phones, Marine Grade Speakers, Horn Strobes and Intercoms

    Telcom & Data designs, supplies and installs emergency communications systems, including hazardous-area telephones, emergency evacuation systems, and intercoms systems for petrochemical, offshore, and marine use. Telcom & Data has formed partnering agreements with Cooper Wheelock and Guardian Telecom to deliver mission-critical emergency communication systems.

    Get a free design on an emergency Notification System Explosion Proof Horn Strobe

    Offshore drilling platforms and ocean vessels require specialized weather-proof telephones, emergency notification systems and intercoms that can withstand the elements of both seawater and freezing temperatures. Harsh marine conditions make it even more important that emergency evacuation and notification products are built to provide safety and security to personnel when needed.

    Cooper Notification line of MEDC products are designed for harsh environmental conditions and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres both offshore and onshore. These Explosion Proof Alarms meets the demanding standards of a multitude of industries, including oil, gas, petrochemical, and marine.

    Cooper MEDC marine alloy products include horns, beacon strobes, loudspeakers and pull stations, and have been developed in close collaboration with customers to deliver the best combination of performance and safety. MEDC explosion-proof emergency sounder horns are lightweight, flameproof, and weatherproof to withstand the extreme conditions on both offshore and onshore oil, gas and petrochemical applications.

    Telcom & Data designs Emergency Communication Systems to save lives in an emergency. Emergency communication systems deliver both high intelligibility audio as well visual notification of any type of emergency. An in house design team is available to work with your safety team to listen to your concerns and design a system based on your requirements. Telcom & Data provides both IP and non IP Solutions for Petro Chemical, Off Shore Drilling and Marine facilities. Solutions can be used to notification for Chemical Leak, Fire, Security, Severe Weather and other threats.


  • Telcom & Data Introduces Explosion Proof VoIP Phones for Hazardous Areas

    Guardian Phone

    Telcom & Data, a leader in business phone systems, is pleased to introduce a new line of Guardian VoIP telephones for industrial and hazardous environments. All of the phones have undergone rigorous testing by a certified independent laboratory to ensure industry standards are met. Specifically, the phones are certified for locations where fire or explosion may occur due to flammable gases, vapors or liquids.

    The new phones combine the benefits of VoIP with the outstanding quality of Guardian’s industrial phone systems. The hazardous area VoIP models are the latest addition to previously launched lines including Outdoor Industrial IP, Indoor Industrial IP and Emergency - Help Point.

    “Guardian Telecom proves again their commitment to innovation,” said Ricardo Trinidad, president of Telcom & Data. “We are very excited to bring VoIP technology to new environments where safety and communication are critical.”

    The models include weather resistant, water-tight, desk/wall, and interior units. All of the phones are easy to launch and configure. The Guardian Discover Utility makes it simple to detect, locate and launch the online configuration menu. Personnel can monitor and control settings via a web browser.

    The new product line is now available at Telcom & Data. For more information about Guardian’s VoIP hazardous area phones, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

    ABOUT Telcom & Data:
    Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunication solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company offers numerous emergency notification and hazardous area telecommunications products for industrial, construction, and manufacturing settings. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1500 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee and Miami.

    ABOUT Guardian Telecom:
    Founded in 1986, Guardian's predecessor, Newco Safety Tel Inc. set out to develop and market a new generation of hazardous area telephones for use in locations where dangerous explosive atmospheres could be present. Guardian’s state-of-the-art production facility and qualified personnel continue to design and produce top quality telephones with a full range of features, making safe communication economically available to everyone, regardless of their work environment.

  • School Safety Week: Protect Your School with Telcom & Data’s Safety Solutions

    As school safety week is recognized across the nation, Telcom & Data would like to participate by offering schools practical safety solutions. The company, through their e-commerce websites, offers a number of emergency notification products. Bogen’s S135A intercom paging system and Wheelock’s SafePath SP40S evacuation system are especially valuable in educational environments.

    School emergencies such as severe weather, fires, intruders, or injuries require an immediate response. Bogen’s intercom systems deliver by featuring an emergency page capability for simultaneous announcements to all stations. Emergency paging can be made from a remote telephone or microphone. Users can select program material, as well as its distribution to selected rooms with the simple push of a button and by following color-coded guidelines. Teachers are able to converse hands-free with the control center operator over their individual classroom speaker. The unit supports up to 75 school classrooms.

    The SafePath SP40S is a multi-function emergency voice evacuation system that can integrate with an existing fire alarm or act as a standalone evacuation system. The unit uses audio and visual alerts to provide students and staff with evacuation information for different types of emergencies. Eight pre-recorded messages are included with the system and allow for custom messages to be recorded. A built in microphone gives the user the ability to broadcast instant messages throughout the building.

    When Ricardo Trinidad, president of Telcom & Data, was asked how these products contribute to school safety, he said, “In the event of a school emergency, delivering fast alerts and communicating the right safety messages to both staff and students is extremely important. Both Wheelock’s SafePath system and Bogen’s intercom paging system effectively communicate to school staff of the emergency and what to do next.”

    For more information about the Wheelock’s SafePath SP40S evacuation system and Bogen’s S135A intercom paging system, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

    About Telcom & Data:
    Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunications solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in business phone systems, intercom systems, and mass notification products. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1600 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

    About Bogen:
    Bogen Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Bogen Corporation, is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

    About Cooper / Wheelock:
    Cooper Notification, a solution platform of Cooper Industries, is comprised of several businesses with decades of experience and innovation in the development of high quality products and solutions. With the ever present need to protect, alert and inform, Cooper Notification is focused on meeting the growing demand for personnel and property safety. We are the source for notification solutions supporting Fire, Security, Hazardous area, Mass Notification, Voice evacuation and Industrial Signaling applications and operating under the powerful global brands of Fulleon, MEDC, Roam Secure, SafePath, Waves and Wheelock.

  • Allworx Phone System Security Updates

    Allworx, a Windstream company, has announced new security practices in response to recent Hacking Issues. 

    Suggested Security Best Practices


    One of the primary advantages of the Allworx family of products is its flexibility in configuration and settings in a way that is easy to understand. Security is an important consideration, and we are constantly striving to improve our systems to protect our customers.

    We are investigating reported instances and have seen fraudulent SIP registration attacks that search public IP addresses and gain access to either an Allworx server or, most recently, to remote Allworx handsets not installed behind a firewall. We have also received reports of recent toll fraud incidents in which fraudulent attacks take over the SIP registration of an Allworx handset attached to a public network. This document summarizes the security best practices to prevent security compromises.

    What You Should Do

     It is imperative to use the proper security settings so that hostile, unauthorized attempts to access the system do not result in situations where either remote access or the spoofing of handsets can occur. Most often, the result is unauthorized calling and toll fraud. Compromises usually start with port scans to determine if a host is a candidate for unauthorized access. Disabling the use of ports often discourages a fraudulent attack, and the attacker will move on to another IP.
    • Update Allworx server to the most recent patch level of  7.6 . These patches change each Allworx phone SIP registration passwords during the phone reboot.
    • Install the server behind a firewall or connect it to the public internet using the WAN port. DO NOT connect the Allworx LAN port directly onto the public internet.
    • Disable Allworx WAN services (ports) not in use.
    • Change voicemail ports (SMTP and IMAP) to non-standard port numbers.
    • Change all server admin, phone admin, and user passwords from the default values.
    • Use strong passwords for server and phone administration pages. DO NOT use simple passwords such as “1234″ or “Allworx”.
    • Verify that there is no exposure of the Admin Page (Port 8080) to the Public network. DO NOT port forward directly to the LAN port of an Allworx server from the customer’s router. For remote maintenance, use the Allworx VPN. Navigate to Home > Network > VPN > modify to configure the VPN settings.
    For more information about Allworx please contact Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229
    Allworx, upgrade 7.6, phone system hacking, allworx 6x, phone system support, Upgrade Your Allworx Phone System Against Hacking
  • Nortel Phone Support Not Hard To Get?

    Nortel Phone Support Not Hard To Get?  We receive many calls everyday from Nortel phone system users looking for support help. Nortel filed for bankruptcy back in 2009 and Avaya ended up purchasing the company.  Support for Nortel manufactured system seems to be harder then ever to get as customer calls would imply.   We have some great Nortel techs on hand and we can support the full line of Northern Telecom Products including CS1000, BCM, Meridian and Norstar systems.  Although quite reliable many times the phone system administrator may no longer be with the company and no one remembers how to change voice mail greetings, passwords or even a time change.  Telcom & Data provides remote and onsite phone system support.   For remote support we can provide remote support from only $ 85.00 for 1/2 hour. Many times remote support is all that is needed to trouble shoot a problem.

    Get Support Now Get Support Now

    If you have a Nortel system and you are looking for a company to provide support call us at 800-335-0229. or visit us at

  • Telcom & Data Introduces new Audio Web Conferencing from Sonexis

    Telcom & Data announces the new Audio and Web Conferencing system from Sonexis. ConferenceManager2 is an on-premise audio and web conferencing solution for medium to large enterprise customers. This new ConferenceManager 2 is the latest offering from Sonexis conferencing and features a smaller, lighter footprint, more powerful system software and is fully backwards compatible. The new conference bridge comes with the latest  software version 11.0, the ConferenceManager2 offers an upgraded and refreshed web conferencing interface, an advanced operator console. The conference bridge can be configured as hybrid solution with both analog and IP telephone integration audio support, and comes with a new Microsoft Outlook add-on and flexible APIs for customization. Designed to work within any existing voice or data network, ConferenceManager2 scales from as little as 12 up to as many as 1,000-ports/seats, with redundant hot swappable power and RAID 1 hard drives.

    The ConferenceManager2 is designed to provide the highest quality audio collaboration and is designed to integrate tightly with industry-leading Unified Communication solutions. The ConferenceManager2 and accompanying collaboration software enable greater productivity for mobile knowledge workers while simplifying meetings and driving decision making.

    Sonexis Audio and Web Conferencing

    Unique Conferencing Solutions:

    "The new ConferenceManager2 design is a true progression of our unique conferencing product line," explained Dan Watkins, Executive Vice President with Sonexis. "We’re monitoring the needs and wants of the customer and this smaller, faster, more powerful way of operating will provide ongoing return on investment to enterprises of all sizes."

    Telcom & Data Offers Conference Equipment Leasing to make owning your own conference bridge even more affordable. To get a quote on a new conference bridge, please visit us here.


    About Telcom & Data:

    Founded in 1996, Telcom & Data, Inc. helps organizations improve business through Audio and Web Conferencing. We carry conferencing products from leading manufacturers including SonexisPolycom, Clear One, Konftel, Revolabs, and more.  Thousands of businesses worldwide have benefited from our conferencing solutions and we can provide a tailor-made solution for you, too

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  • Advantages of Video Conference Equipment Leasing and Financing

    Leasing Keeps Your Technology Current Leasing Keeps Your Technology Current

    A Video Conference System is no longer a luxury but a strategic business communications investment. Since 2010 video conference equipment has been being installed in record pace. Existing video conferencing equipment gets old and outdated, and additional equipment is often needed to grow a business. Nearly 80% of companies in the U.S. lease equipment to remain competitive. They recognize that it is more important to have and use the equipment than it is to own the equipment.  There are many advantages for your business to leasing over other financing options. Here are the reasons we feel are most important to them:

    • Credit Availability:  Leasing preserves lines of credit. Save bank borrowing capacity for other needs or emergencies.
    • Conserve Working Capital Get the equipment and technology needed today while spreading payments over time. Capital budgets can be used for other business expenses and more productive operational uses.
    • Flexibility - Changes in the economy, emerging competition and expansion require flexible options for a small business. Leasing allows a business to grow or change with the tide quickly, without large up-front costs.
    • Obsolescence becomes Obsolete - Technology changes rapidly. The software and equipment purchased 2 years ago is most likely outdated. With leasing, when the term is over, there is the option to purchase your equipment, trade it in or return it outright. Keep your businesses at the forefront of their industry through leasing.
    • Tax Advantages - For most leases, businesses can deduct monthly lease payments. The benefits and amount changes annually, so they should consult a tax advisor for more information on tax advantages check out IRS Section 179.
    • Budget Friendly  - Leased equipment can create income for a business that far exceeds the cost of a monthly lease payment. Budgets can be stretched to obtain additional equipment that your customer couldn't have afforded otherwise, through fixed monthly payments.
    • No Down Payment Required - Unlike some loan programs, customers can finance 100% of their equipment, and include additional costs such as software, shipping, installation, maintenance and training into the total package.
    • Fixed Monthly Payments - Leasing allows businesses to use equipment they need, for as long as they need it, with a fixed monthly payment. If interest rates skyrocket, their payment does not change.
    • Choose Payments and Terms  - You know how much your business can afford to spend on your new equipment. With leasing you can pick the best payment solution for your business. Extended terms, flexible payments and equipment upgrades are all available.

    Contact us to speak with a Telcom & Data Leasing Representative to discuss how leasing can benefit your business' bottom line. Call us at 800-335-0229 or get an instant video conference system lease quote here

    We look forward to being your provider of video conference equipment.

    Other equipment you can lease includes business phone systems,  Audio conferencing, VoIP phone systems, voice mail and unified messaging systems,  phone loggers and more.

  • Telcom & Data Launches New Conference Bridge Web Site

    Telcom & Data a Chicago/Milwaukee based telecommunications company has launched a site dedicated to collaboration technology. The site features products and solutions including Audio Conference Bridge,  Conference Phones, Video Conference Room Systems,  Multi Point Video Conference Bridges, Large Installed Audio Conference Room Systems, Video Conference Software for iPad and Android tables, Emergency Communication systems and video conference room furniture. 

    Telcom & Data has partnered with the some of the most cutting edge manufacturers of conferencing equipment including Polycom, Clear One, Avaya,  Sonexis, Revolabs, and Forum Communications.  Ricardo Trinidad the President of Telcom & Data was quoted as saying, " The reason we launched was to provide an easy to use site that would allow the average user to shop and compare technology in one location. Besides the online shopping its easy to call and get a collaboration expert on the line and even schedule a demonstration. It's also important to have all available options for our customers."

    About Telcom & Data; Founded in 1996, Telcom & Data, Inc. helps organizations improve communications through Video, Audio and Web Conferencing technology.

    Telcom & Data Inc. asks the questions that target your toughest communication challenges. We provide complete  analysis based on your company’s vision, needs, growth, and budget. Our customized solutions will measurably improve communications.

    Every conferencing product we sell including HD Conference Room Solutions, Teleconferencing Bridges, Conference Phones, and Multi Point Video Conference systems havebeen tried and tested for reliability, ease of use, integration, and manufacturer’s support. Telcom & Data Inc. clients receive personalized attention from knowledgeable sales and technical staff. All products (except software) carry a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Buyers Guide to Wireless Conference Phones

    Conference Phones have become mainstay in today’s conference rooms.  Usually with conference phones there is a spaghetti bowl of cables that can clutter up the most beautiful and expensive conference room tables making them look unsightly.  Wireless Conference phones provide mobility and a clean looking conference table.  There are several manufacturers of wireless conference phones including Polycom, KonftelClear One and Revolabs.

    Each wireless conference phone manufacturer offers something a little different and there are some pros and cons to consider.  Each of the manufacturers listed here offer great sounding full duplex conference phones for teleconferencing.  There are some differences in quality of sound but like audio speakers that can sometimes be only decided on personal preference.  Polycom, Konftel , and Clear One offer similar types of wireless conference phones.

    Revolabs offers a unique wireless conferencing solution that includes wireless microphones and an audio conference unit that connects to external room/ceiling speakers with a wireless dialer and conference controller.  This is a superb solution for larger conference rooms and odd shaped conference room tables such as U, T or O shaped conference tables where a traditional conference phone would not work. Revolabs can be part of a Multi-Media conference room that might include Video Conferencing.  The wireless microphones are about the size of a cigarette lighter and can be ordered as omni, handheld, lapel or as a wearable microphone.  The Revolabs  is not your father’s conferencing system unless your dad was 007.

    Polycom SoundStation2 Conferencing Phone W/Display (Non-Expandable)-

    Polycom SoundStation 2W Wireless is probably the most well-known among all conference phones.  The design has been around for a while and is familiar to most.  The Sound Station offers two Sound Stations. One is expandable with MIC Pods and the other is not.  The Sound Station2W boasts 150 Ft of wireless range,  12 hour talk time on a single battery charge,  cell phone dialing and connectivity when no analog line is available, comes with a back lit display and an AUX out jack for recording calls to a recorder.

    Konftel 300W - Wireless DECT Conference Phone with Omni-Sound Technology ( 840101067)

    Konftel has been manufacturing sleek great sounding conference phones since 1988 and is the number one selling brand in Europe. Avaya liked them so much they bought the company.  The Konftel 300W DECT wireless conference phone has some impressive features like a high end luxury European auto.  The 300W has a range of over 600 FT of wireless range, standard 60 hours of talk time on a single battery charge, offers cell phone and USB connectivity for cell phone and USB internet calling, comes with a back lit display with a 200 memory speed dial, it also has an on board 2Gb SD card for recording conference calls.  A very nice conference phone.

    Clear One MaxAttach Wireless Conference phones are expandable offering a unique feature that allows the connecting of up to 4 phones to work as a single wireless conference phone solution. This is great for long conference tables and odd shaped conference tables such as U shaped conference tables.  With four phones connected there would be 12 microphones and 4 speakers covering the room.  The phone features First-mic priority eliminates hollow “tunnel” sound by activating only the microphone closest to the person speaking and noise cancellation to cut out background sounds such as HVAC noise.


    For more information or questions about wireless conference phones please call 800-335-0229


    From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad

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