• Telcom & Data Introduces Vigitron High Power POE Switches

    Todays IP end points such as IP Speakers, IP Cameras and Wireless Access points require more and more power. Vigitron POE Switches offer some of the most powerful switches available.

    Telcom & Data is pleased to announce the introduction of Vigitron POE Plus switches. Vigitron manufactures several different niche products designed for IP Paging, IP Cameras and Wireless Access Points.

    The most powerful POE switches Available

    Vigitron Maxiinet POE Switches are next generation Layer 2 managed switch designed for PoE+ and high bandwidth network applications. It provides a reliable infrastructure for your business network. The Vi30126 delivers unique intelligent features providing unmatched reliability for critical POE, bandwidth, and port security. The Vi30126 enables individual port programming to apply POE individually to each port lowering the potential for power overload resulting in potential damage to the switch and connected devices.

    The MaxiiPower  Midspan Switches work with existing NON POE switches and deliver POE to IP end points reducing costs while providing up 37 Watts of power per port.

    Vigitron POE Splitter devices is a 3-port Layer 2 Ethernet and PoE switch providing drop and insert capability for connecting several IP devices along a single cable run. This provides a cost effective method for increasing distances beyond the standard Ethernet limit of 328 feet (100m). Multiple units can be cascaded to provide up to nine IP Speakers or IP Cameras to be connected to a single network switch port over distances of up to 2,952 feet (900m).

    Learn more about Vigitron POE Switches, MidSpans and Splitters at Telcom & Data Inc. visit or call us at 800-335-0229

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