PCM2000 Zone Paging System Talkback Module


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Product Overview

  • One zone to 99 zones of simultaneous high-power and low-power paging

  • Up to 32 paging zone groups

  • Universal analog telephone interface designed for direct connection to loop start and ground start trunks, to PBX or KEY paging ports which supply DTMF capability, and to analog T/R lines

  • Modular integration assures reconfiguring and expansion with minimum time and expense

  • Optional talkback paging and time-triggered signaling events with PCMTBM module

  • Field programmable using DTMF and switches

  • Signaling features include night ringer zone group, emergency/shift change zone group, code call zone group

  • Emergency All-Facility Override Paging

  • Background music assigned per zone; Local Background music sourcing capability

  • Relay drivers and AUX contacts included

  • Allows total system amplifier power of up to 250W


The Bogen PCMTBM talkback applications module is designed for the Bogen PCM2000 Zone Paging System.The PCMTBM is used with a high-power central amplifier to provide talkback paging in zones with passive speakers.The module is equipped with controls to adjust talkback volume and talkback delay. A noise reduction switch mutes background noise when no audio activity is present in the zone.

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