Bogen ZPM3 3-zone Paging Module

Bogen 3-Zone Paging System Module

Model #ZPM3

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  • Product Overview

    • 3 Zone paging plus All-Call

    • 3 easily programmable zone groups (1-3 zones in each)

    • One-way and two-way paging (talkback operation requires TBA15 Talkback Amplifier)

    • 100 watts total power handling capability

    • Background music input

    • Directly interfaces to paging ports (requires contact closures), loop start, and ground start trunks

    • Interfaces to station ports using TAMB Telephone Access Module

    • Selectable pre-announce and confirmation tones signal back through the handset and over the paging system

    • Built-in night ringer triggered from 90V ring or contact closure

    • Separate night ringer zone group

    • Two selectable tone types can be directed to one or more zones for shift change or emergency announcements (separate zone group)

    • Privacy beep can be enabled during two-way operation to prohibit eavesdropping

    • Separate volume controls for tones, night ring, and background music

    • 24V or 48V talk battery option

    • 48V operation requires additional PRS48 power supply

    • Optional back-up battery retains zone group field programming (batteries not included)

    • FCC Part 68 approved

    • Wall-mount design

    • Works with self-amplified or central amplifier paging systems

    • Punch-block connections (type 66)

    • Industrial grade steel cabinet



    The ZPM3 allows for economical one- or two-way paging (w/TBA15 Talkback Amplifier) to be directed in to any of up to 3 different paging areas. Zones can be grouped together so that more than one zone is paged at the same time. All areas can also be paged at once. Zone selection can be made using DTMF tones or pulse dialing.

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