Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP-NET Card

Model #SNMP-NET Card

  • Product Overview

    • Compatible with PRO-RT, EnterprisePlus, and Endeavor 1-3kVA.

    • Network connection through RJ45 connector - Allows connection of the UPS directly to the Ethernet network through a RJ45 connector without using RS232 or USB ports on the computer and without loading any individual UPS management software on the network server.

    • Network UPS management - Allows remote management of the UPS from any workstation through Internet or Intranet.

    • Remote UPS monitoring via SNMP, HTTP - Allows monitoring of the UPS using the MIB (Management Information Base), or an Internet Browser.

    • Configure UPS and system functions from any client (password protected) - Configure the UPS and the system parameters from any SNMP management station or through an Internet Browsers using HTTP forms and objects.

    • Event logs & Metering data stored in the EEPROM - Provides historical data of UPS’ power events, power quality, current status and battery condition.

    • Multiple server shutdown - The shutdown software included provides an automatic shutdown either pre-programmed by administrator or when critical power events occur.

    • Notification of users via SNMP Traps and e-mail through SMTP

    • Network Time Protocol supported

    • Telnet support for configuration

    • BOOTP/DHCP supported

    • NetBIOS Name Service supported

    • MD5 HTTP security


    SNMP-NET is an interface between the UPS and the network. It can obtain the status from a UPS and send commands to it. SNMP-NET supports two kinds of protocol – SNMP and HTTP for user access. Through the SNMP NMS and Web Browser, the user can obtain the UPS status; issue commands to UPS and set-up the SNMP-NET through the network. Compatible with PRO-RT, EnterprisePlus, and Endeavor 1-3kVA.

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