Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP-SSL Card

Model #SNMP-SSL Card


Product Overview

  • UPS monitoring and control

  • Multiple server shutdown capability

  • Schedule shutdown, restart and test UPS

  • Easy initial configuration and upgrade of firmware

  • Save UPS event log and history values in EEPROM

  • Notification of alarms through SNMP traps, e-mail and SMS

  • Provides SSL Manager to monitor all of the UPS information in the network

  • Telnet support for SNMP configuration

  • User level management

  • Network connection through RJ45 port

  • Supports SSL, SSH, HTTPs, and SNMPv3 security protocols

  • RADIUS Login Support

  • Supports monitoring capabilities via JAVA applets

  • Changes in SNMP Trap alarm levels

  • NTP and ICMP support

  • Batch upgrade capability (configuration and firmware)

Additional Features

  • New generation UPS shutdown management software

  • Supports SNMP protocol

  • Multi-servers shutdown/wakeup with SNMP-NET card

  • Works with SNMP-NET card seamlessly

  • Unattended operating system shutdown and file-saving

  • Supports hibernation feature in Windows 2000/XP

  • Programmable actions

  • Remote UPS real-time monitoring and management

  • Compatible with EnterprisePlus and Endeavor 1-3kVA


SNMP-SSL card is an interface between UPS and the network. It can obtain the status from a UPS and send commands to it. SNMP-SSL card supports two kinds of protocol – SNMP and HTTP for user access. Through the SNMP NMS and Web Browser, user can obtain the UPS status, issue commands to UPS and setting up the SNMP-SSL card through the network.

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