Environmental Monitoring Device SSL-EMD

Model #SSL-EMD


Product Overview

  • Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring

  • Monitors the status of two contact devices

  • Can be located 15m away with a straight-through CAT5 network cable

  • define acceptable temperature or humidity limits

  • Environmental management and flexible configuration via Web Browser.

  • notification via email and SNMP Traps

  • records SSL-EMD parameters for statistical analysis

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Environmental Monitoring Device SSL-EMD Manual


The SSL-EMD allows you to remotely monitor the temperature, humidity, and status of two contact devices. Through the SNMP-SSL card, the user can monitor it and receive notifications of the alarms. When the SSL-EMD is plugged into the SNMP-SSL card’s COM port, temperature and humidity readings are automatically displayed on the SNMP-SSL card’s “Comprehensive View” page. If enabled, the status of the external contact device is also displayed on the same page.

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