PS-8-B-LP Fire Alarm Power Supply 120V (Black, 8 Amp) by EATON

PS-8-B-LP Fire Alarm Power Supply 120V (Black, 8 Amp) by EATON

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Product Overview

Low Profile


• 24VDC Battery Backup Connection

• Two (2), 12V or 24V NAC Initiating Circuits (8-33V at 5mA)

• FWR or DC

• Two (2) “Dry” Contact initiating Circuits

• Accepts two (2) Class “A” or two (2) Class “B” circuit inputs

• Built in battery charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries


• NAC outputs are 24VDC, 3.0 Amps each, power limited

• 8 Amps on PS-8 -LP total alarm current

• Capable of four (4), Class “B” circuits

• Capable of two (2) Class “A” circuits

• Capable of one (1) Class “A” circuit and two (2) Class “B” circuits

• Capable of (8) Class “B” or four (4) Class “A” circuits with optional PS-EXP module

• Temporal (Code 3), constant voltage output, Wheelock Sync output or True input to output follower mode

• Built-in Wheelock synchronization mode that can be fed to any or all of the output circuits

• Input and output can be synchronized with “IN>OUT SYNC” mode (DSM, 2nd POWERPATH or FACP with synchronization protocol is required)

• Audible silence capability

• Filtered and electronically regulated output

• 2.5 Amp auxiliary power limited output with reset capability. (Removed upon AC loss or alarm. Automatic reset 30 seconds after AC power returns or the alarm condition is over) or 0.240 Amps PS-8-LP of auxiliary power limited output which remains on during AC loss or an alarm condition when configured for 24 hour battery backup


• Compatible with 12V or 24V (FWR or DC) FACP

• Signaling appliance circuits are supervised and steered to either IN1 or IN2

• 10K Ohm, 1 Watt (Wheelock Model #100651 PSEOL) End of Line Resistor (EOLR) for supervision of all outputs

• 37 distinguishable trouble diagnostics

• AC loss trouble reported over a separate set of contacts (delay of 1 second)

• All troubles are reported over the common trouble contacts (AC loss can have a delay of 30 seconds or 170 minutes)

• Automatic switchover to standby battery when AC fails

• Thermal and short circuit protection with auto reset • Input and output status LED indicators

• AC fail supervision

• Battery presence and low battery supervision

• Ground Fault Detection, with diagnostics to indicate which circuit fault is on

• Latching LEDs for NAC trouble annunciation and Diagnostic trouble LEDs (latching can be disabled)


• Not battery dependent

• Automatic switch over to standby batteries when AC fails

• Supports sealed lead acid or gel type batteries

• Fused battery protection

• Thermal and short circuit protection with auto reset

• Supports 7AH batteries

Operating Modes (refer to Installation Manual):

• Normal Mode: Provides constant 24 VDC output upon initiation by a voltage to input IN1 or IN2 or by a contact opening on DRY1 or DRY2. The unit returns to standby mode when the input is deactivated.

• Wheelock Sync Mode: Provides signals for synchronization of patented Wheelock audible and strobe notification appliances. Audibles can also be silenced in this mode while the strobes continue to flash.

• In>Out Sync Mode: Accepts a synchronization signal on the input to provide a coded output or synchronized output. This signal may come from a FACP, another POWERPATH or a Wheelock DSM synchronization module. Caution: Do not use strobes on coded output circuits.

• True Input Follower Mode: Accepts a coded signal on the input to provide a coded output with the same timing as the input. The signal may come from a FACP, another POWERPATH or other coded source. Caution: Do not use strobes on coded output circuits.

• Temporal Mode: Codes the output voltage in a code-3 temporal pattern to drive audible appliances such as horns, bells or chimes. Caution: Do not use strobes on coded output circuits


The PS-8-B-LP Fire Alarm Power Supply 120V (8 Amp, Black) by EATON is  is one of the best power supplies for fire alarms in the industry. This remote power supply and battery charger in a low profile cabinet used for supervision and expanded power driving capability of fire alarm Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC). This power supply is regulated, filtered and provides 8 amps of power distributed across 4 outputs.

The Wheelock POWERPATH NAC series can accommodate 7 AH batteries inside its lockable chassis. Using an external battery cabinet it can charge up to 33 AH batteries (pending UL testing). Two FACP NAC circuits or two “Dry” contact initiating circuits can be connected to the inputs.

These inputs can then be directed to control supervision and power delivery to any combination of the four (4) outputs. Each output is rated at 3.0 Amps (Class “B”) or (Class “A”) and can be programmed to generate a steady or Code 3 temporal horn sound and a strobe output under alarm condition. Total load for PS-8-LP NAC circuits must not exceed the power supplies rated output.



  • Weight: 11.5lbs. (Ship) 9.4lbs (Unit)
  • Dimensions: 17”H x 13”W x 3.5”D
  • Enclosure can house up to two 7 AH batteries

Input Circuit

  • Input voltage range 8 to 33 VDC
  • Input Current @ 12 VDC 0.005 amps
  • Input Current @ 24 VDC 0.005 amps

Output Circuit

  • Four (4) Class B or
  • Two (2) Class A or\  24 VDC @ up to 3 amps per circuit
  • One (1) Class A and Two (2) Class “B” or
  • 8 Class B or 4 Class A (optional PS-EXP module necessary) 

Continuous duty up to 3 Amps per circuit, up to 4 Amps maximum per panel

Standby Current 0.129 Amps

Alarm Current 0.129 Amps

Secondary Power Charging Capacity 32 Amp hours @ 0.750 Amps per hour

Aux Output

  • CP Mode PS-8-LP up to 250 mA 
  • MP Mode 2.5A during non alarm

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