Matching Line Transformer

Model #WMT1A

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Product Overview

  • Hi-Z, 10k-ohm primary impedance

  • Lo-Z, 600-ohm secondary impedance, balanced with center tap

  • Matches high-to-low impedance or low-to-high impedance

  • Adapts line-level signals to microphone inputs

  • RCA connector for Hi-Z side

  • Screw terminals for Lo-Z side

  • Small steel enclosure w/ mounting ears allows easy mounting anyplace


The WMT1A is general-purpose matching transformers that allow proper connections between high (10k-ohm) and low (600-ohm) inputs and outputs. It can be used to balance an unbalanced line or provide isolation between two pieces of equipment. The WMT1A can be configured to produce a balanced, microphone level signal from a line-level signal such as that from a pre-amp or music source.

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