XOP Networks E1 Conference Bridge xw DCB-30

XOP Networks E1 Conference Bridge xw DCB-30

Model #DCB-30

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Product Overview

  • Conference types:

    • Meet-me Reservation based

    • Meet-me Reservation less

    • Dial-out/ Enhanced Firebar

  • Security features:

    • PIN based authentication

    • Password based login

    • End of conference summary

  • In-conference features:

    • Music-on-hold

    • Entry and exit beeps

    • Mute and Unmute

  • E-mail Features

    • E-mail notifications for scheduled conferences

    • Customizable e-mail templates

  • System features:

  • Prioritization of conference calls by type

  • In-conference document sharing

  • Easily customizable system announcements

  • Remote software upgrades via Internet

  • Web based user interface

  • Scheduling of meet-me conference calls over the Internet

  • Manage frequent participant profiles

  • Support recurring calls

  • Display usage measurements

  • Display port usage



The XOP E1 Conference Bridge - 30 is designed for international customers who follow the CCITT standards. It supports one E1 voice trunk but can be expanded up to 300 ports.It can support one conference with up to 30 participants or multiple smaller conferences with total number of ports adding to 30. The product also supports integrated web conferencing that allows a moderator to share any application (Powerpoint, Excel etc.) with the participants. It provides a Web based user interface for Operations, Management and Provisioning.

Additional Information

Promotional Message Can be expanded to 300 Ports
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