Merlin 10/30 and Merlin II Phone System Upgrade to Merlin Legend

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Merlin 10/30 and Merlin II Phone System Upgrade to Merlin Legend
Comes with Voice Mail and includes system programming

Model # 6140-CU7

Regular Price: $3,277.00

Special Price $1,950.00

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Product Description

Don't wait untill your Merlin 10/30 30/70 system dies on you! Upgrade to Merlin Legend and re-use your existing Merlin Sets and get voice mail.
  • One Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Call Us At 1-800-335-0229

Product Features

Allows you to upgrade from Merlin 10/30 or Merlin II and re-use your existing Merlin Sets. Simply number all phone lines and telephone cords and remove the existing Merlin System and mount the Merlin Legend system in it's place. Reconnect telephone lines and station wires.

System comes configured with 16 CO Lines and 32 Merlin extensions with voice mail system for up to 100 mailboxes.

Merlin Legend Mail System comes with 3 auto attendant greetings for up to three companies on one system. Day and night greetings, Spell by name directory, 21 hours of mesage storage space.

Merlin Legend provides for modular growth for up to 80 lines 144 extensions using Merlin sets, also allows for up to 3 T1. A T1 can save you hundreds of dollrs a month over existing POTS lines!

System provides trunk to trunk transfers. Calls can be transfered to your home or cell number.

Call monitoring allows supervisor to listen on training calls.

WIN SPM administration software allows you to program yor Merlin legend system from a PC on site or remotely.

Merlin Legend does an automatic back up of system programming on to a PCMIA card once a week.

Comes with complete support and one year warranty.

System integrates fully with voice system.

Product Documentation

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