Penton Emergency Notification System IDA8 is designed to save lives.

The IDA-8 is ideal to interface with existing analog paging systems and fire panels, since it offers both analog and IP connectivity.

Each IDA8 can support up to eight audio inputs and features 16 line outputs supporting 8 different zones with class B wiring and A/B line detection (as specified in EN54-16). In addition to the front panel mounted fireman's phone, up to four PSS security microphone consoles with color touch pad can be connected to each IDA8. Slave units (IDA8S) can extend the system configuration with an additional 8 inputs and 8 class B outputs with A/B line detection or single zone line monitoring. 

System design and set up is done via a drag n' drop digital signal processing (DSP) interface offering an industry standard component library with advanced matrix control functions. The front panel features a high resolution TFT panel for control and monitoring, a fully monitored fireman's microphone, and emergency message trigger buttons. The IDA8 offers full monitoring of the entire systems integrity including amplifier monitoring with automatic hot-swap to back-up amplifiers and loudspeaker line monitoring. 


Penton Emergency Notification System IDA8

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