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What is an ISDN PRI?

ISDN PRI T1 Primary Rate Interface

Many telephone service providers have been talking about it lately. PRI or Primary Rate Interface is an ISDN equivalent of a T1 circuit. Most businesses currently use POTS lines. Plain Old Telephone Service or “POTS” Lines are the standard analog lines that provide local dial tone for the small to medium size business. They are used for such things as making and receiving telephone calls, faxing, modems, security systems and credit card/ATM machines. For each POTS line there is a port in the phone system. Costs associated with POTS lines vary by region. POTS lines carry monthly fees and taxes associated with each line. This can add up to be very expensive. POTS service is also referred to as switched service. The rule of thumb is at 10 POTS lines with DSL or Cable there is a break even. Anything over 13 Pots lines you can start to experience real savings.

ISDN PRI digitally delivers your local, long distance, Direct Inward Dial (DID) and internet service over one 4-wire interface. Your ISDN PRI T-1 has 23 channels that move voice and data along nicely at 64 Kbps. Consolidation makes sense because you reduce your network costs by incorporating ISDN PRI into your existing telecommunications blueprint, thus eliminating POTS line charges to the local exchange carrier. The D Channel is the 24th Channel. It constantly communicates with the Central Office ensuring the proper bytes and uninterrupted transmission.