Telcom & Data offers a variety of Ring Down Phones sometimes referred to as a Hot-Line and Emergency Ring Down systems , for Airports, Hotels, Conference Centers and more. What does a ring down phone do? A ring down phone can come with a Built in Dialer and when the Handset is lifted or Push To Call Button pressed the built in dialer automatically dials a pre-programmed phone number. Depending on the phone it may try to call another number if there is no answer or busy signal. Ring Down Phones are often used for Coutesy Phones in airports for calling transportation of booking a hotel.

Ring Down Phones

Our Emergency Ring Down Systems also known as a Firebar or CrashNet systems are used by Airports and Fire Departments. In the event of an Emergency a single phone can be picked up and the system will automatically call other phones instantly. Our XOP Emergency Ring Down solutions cal call as few as 12 phones and up to hundreds of phones simultaneously. This is an excellent replacement for Tellabs 291 or 292

What is a A ring-down (or ringdown) circuit? A ring down circuit. provides automatic dialing and connection to another phone or group of phones.
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