Have an older Merlin Phone System? We can help. Telcom & Data carries parts for older Merlin phone systems. Merlin phone systems, parts and service can be easily obtained here. There are several Merlin phone systems manufactured. If you don't know which one you have we can help you identify your specific system. The different models include Merlin 206, Merlin 410, Merlin 820, Merlin Plus, Merlin 10/30 Merlin II and Merlin Legend.

Merlin Classic Phone Systems and Repair

The Merlin 206, 410, and 820 models are small gray cabinets, wall-mounted horizontally and under the black system cover the unit will have a 206, 410 or 820 marking on it . The Merlin Plus system is a wall-mounted gray cabinet that is mounted vertically and under its cover has a 820D 1 or 820D 2 marking. The 1 or 2 defines which feature module is installed. The Merlin 10/30 system is a black and silver cabinet, wall-mounted horizontally with '10/30' markings. If there are two cabinets mounted together the system is now a 30/70.

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