Digital to Analog Phone Converter Wall Interface for Norstar

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Digital to Analog Phone Converter Wall Interface for Norstar

Model # KDDC

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Product Description

DWI Dual Channel products allow simultaneous voice and data communication over a single PBX or key system port. Carry on telephone conversations while sending and receiving e-mail and faxes, or even surfing the Web. Increases the station capacity of your AT&T/Lucent, Nortel PBX or Norstar Key system.
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Product Features

  • Easy to install. Requires programming of phone set.
  • Compatible with all desktop systems, with modems, and communication software. Compatible with all fax machines. Eliminate the need for dedicated phone installations or special terminal adapters.
  • Desktop or wall mount installation.
  • Supports most 2-wire analog devices:modem, fax modem, fax machine,answering machine, cordless telephone, teleconferencing or video teleconferencing unit, etc.
  • Connects directly to wall jack.
  • Models for Nortel M7000 Norstar, M2000/M3900 Meridian, Avaya Definity 75/85, Avaya Prologix PBX equipped with 6400, 7400, or 8400 telephones, and Siemens Rolm series 100, 200, 300, 400, and 600 phones.
  • V.34 compatible. Supports speeds up to 33.6 kbps
  • Full duplex for speakerphone and teleconferencing functions. Supports all fax protocols