Automatic Telephone Call Sequencer Places Callers on Hold

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Automatic Telephone Call Sequencer Places Callers on Hold

Model # VIK-TMS-12A

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Product Description

The TMS-12A Automatic Call Sequencer will answer up to 12 in-bound lines promptly with a clear, digitally-recorded voice announcement informing the caller that their call will be taken by the first available representative. The call is then placed on hold. In addition, two TMS-12A's can be cascaded to support up to 24 lines.

Optional music and/or promotional announcements will keep the caller assured that their phone connection is intact and will be answered soon. A pacifier message can also be recorded to confirm that the call will be answered.

Call statistics as well as the line number of the oldest holding call will be displayed on the LED. In addition, an optional ring generator, SQRG-12, may be added to provide complete sequencer automation.

Product Features

  • Compatible with Electronic Key sytems, 1A2 Key systems and PABX systems
  • Cascadable to support up to 24 lines
  • Automatically change between day and night modes via a contact closure, time, remote switch or remote programming
  • Locally recordable with a standard carbon handset or download announcements directly from a tape player
  • Remotely recordable
  • Rechargeable battery back-up included
  • Field expandable record time
  • Separate recordings for each announcement
  • Inbound call statistics:
    * Total inbound calls
    * Total sequenced calls
    * Total abandoned calls
    19" rack-mount hardware included
  • "A" lead control for 1A2 Key systems

Product Documentation

View File VIK-TMS-12A Brochure