6 Line Telephone Call Sequencer Answers Calls and Places Them On Hold

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6 Line Telephone Call Sequencer Answers Calls and Places Them On Hold

Model # VIK-TMS-6X

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Product Description

The TMS-6X Call Sequencer keeps yor customers interested and on the line even during peak periods.

Every office has busy times when phones ring and ring because your staff is handling other calls. Nothing is more aggravating to the customer than to think that you don't care enough about their business to answer the phone.

The TMS-6X will answer incoming calls promptly and deliver a clear personalized digital voice message which informs the caller that their call will be taken by the first available staff memeber. The call is then placed on hold.

You may choose to provide music on hold or add Viking's DVA-2WA promotion on hold announcer to interject messages during the music, remind the caller not to hang up and that their call will be answered soon!

Product Features

  • Compatible with analog loop or ground start lines
  • Compatable with Electronic Key systems, 1A2 Key systems and PABX systems
  • Change from day to night mode remotely
  • Recordable with a standard carbon handset, tape recorder or remotely
  • Rechargeable battery back-up included
  • Separate announcements for day greeting, on hold and after hours
  • Music/audio on hold input
  • Built-in display for caller priority, call statistics and record time
  • Remote displays and ring generator options available
  • Field expandable memory for longer announcements
  • Optional DVA-2WA Promotions on Hold Announcer (fax back document 110)

Product Documentation

View File VIK-TMS-6X Brochure