Programmable CCTV Camera Controller

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Programmable CCTV Camera Controller

Model # VIK-VC-1000

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Product Description

The VC-1000 Programmable CCTV Camera Controller consists of two telco interface modules each linked to a CCTV camera input and a combiner for output to a video monitor, television or VCR.

Unlike passive or manual CCTV camera switchers, the VC-1000 continuously monitors for activity on its telco line circuits and instantly switches to the appropriate camera when activity is detected.

During periods of inactivity, the VC-1000 can be programmed to provide no video output, output camera 1, output the last camera activated, or output the cameras sequentially. Two VC-1000’s can be stacked to cover four zones. Programming is done easily using dipswitches.

Product Features

  • Automatic, instant switching to an activated camera
  • Supports 2 zones/entry points, expandable to 4 entry points (requires 2 units) Supports 8 zones/entry points when programmed to video off in inactive state (8 entry points requires 4 units)
  • Compatible with standard CO lines, analog PABX/KSU extensions, Viking doorboxes, entry phones, and emergency phones
  • Screw terminals for easy connection
  • Separate screw-terminal connections for camera power and ground
  • Rugged, durable relay switching for video control
  • Dipswitch programming for modes and camera assignment
  • Four inactive modes
  • Activated by ringing or off-hook
  • 12V 600mA DC output provided to operate two CCTV camera

Product Documentation

View File VIK-VC-1000 Brochure