Uninterrutible Power Suply CPE True-Online | CPE3000

Model #CPE3000


Product Overview

  • On-line, double conversion technology perfect for power sensitive equipment and applications

  • True sine wave output

  • Unlimited runtime with daisy-chained external battery packs

  • Power factor correction (PFC) guards internal UPS components from stress and damage

  • Optional SNMP card for remote power management (SNMP or Web browser)

  • Includes power management software CD and communications cable

  • RJ45/RJ11 network/phone protection

  • 3-year warranty


The minuteman CPE3000 is a 3000VA/2100W 120 VAC true on-line, double-conversion, with longer runtime UPS designed for critical, power-sensitive electronic environments. Back-up time - full load: 6.7 minutes, half load: 16.5 minutes

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