Data Centers 19" Server Cooling Rack Solutions | GL840LE-3048

Model #GL840LE-3048

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Product Overview

  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 680 lbs

  • Lake Effect™ base unit with two pairs of powder

  • coated 19" universal M6 rails and M6 hardware

  • shipping pallet, and two sets of power strip brackets

  • Plexi contour door with lower bottom mesh & locking

  • easy latch handle (front)

  • Mesh contour door with locking easy latch handl (rear)

  • Pair of solid lift-off side panels

  • Solid top panel

  • Vertical cable management tray (2)

  • Lake Effect™ fan box kit Patented

  • Plenum kit Patented

  • Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs. on levelers or bolted to floor, 1800 lbs. on casters


The 19'' Server Cooling Rack Solutions provides an even flow of low temperature air to the front intake face of the servers inside. This air is used by the computer's internal fans to cool the equipment. The number of servers that can be placed in an enclosed cabinet is directly related to the amount of air available to cool the equipment.

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