Public Address Floor Standing Speaker 35-Watt

Model #SCW35

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  • Product Overview

    • 9-1/2"W x 42"H x 5-1/4"D

    • 35-watt

    • Precisely controlled sound projection

    • Directional characteristics reduce feedback

    • Uniform sound level throughout area covered

    • Clarity and intelligibility for speech reproduction

    • Lower power requirements than conventional speakers

    • Fast and simple installation


    The Bogen Model SCW35 is a heavy duty sound columns designed for sound reinforcement in churches, theaters, auditoriums, and similar installations where it is necessary to cover a large area with a minimum number of speakers.The sound column consists of a vertical array of speakers in a specially-designed rectangular enclosure, and provides a more effective length of throw than conventional speakers, as well as a highly directional sound dispersion pattern for reduced reflection from the floor and ceiling of the hall.The precisely controlled dispersion pattern of these sound columns makes possible a maximum of uniformity in coverage of the desired area with minimum sound projected into undesired areas.

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