Informer15 IP Horn Speaker 15W by Federal Signal
  • Informer15 IP Horn Speaker 15W by Federal Signal
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Informer15 IP Horn Speaker 15W by Federal Signal

Model #I-IP15

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Product Overview

Indoor and Outdoor speaker

Loud industrial facilities

Muster or call stations

Perfect for weather alert

Campus or school alerting

Food processing industry

For use with video security systems

Plant wide alert system

Plant wide Live-PA announcements

The Informer15 is capable of operating in a stand-alone configuration. Each of the four activation inputs can be triggered by a push-button or contact closure.
The four activation inputs can be configured from the web interface to play any of the 163 Standard Informer Messages & Tones List to meet your application needs.

Please click here for the Standard Informer Messages & Tones Ordering Form to specify your desired configuration; the form can be submitted with the order.


  • Outdoor or indoor speaker for audible and visual alerts
  • Speaker rated at 112 dB for tones and 107 dB for pink noise at 10 feet
  • Seven standard built-in warning signals: Wail, Steady, Alternate Wail, Alternate Steady, Pulsed Wail, Pulsed Steady, Auxiliary Chime
  • Broadcasts live voice, text-to-speech, and pre-recorded voice or tone files
  • Deliver intelligible voice messages from locally pre-recorded files
  • Pre-recorded files: up to 4000 messages with 17 hours of recording time
  • Ambient-noise-level monitoring with automatic volume control
  • Alerts can be sent to single devices, groups or zones, or all devices
  • Wall mount
  • Web interface for configuration
  • Four local alarm initiation inputs, with configurable priority to activate unit locally or standalone operation Momentary mode: contact closure sounds alarm for programmed duration. Continuous mode: sounds alarm for duration of closure
  • One open collector output paired with 24 Vdc for controlling an external relay
  • Integrated Modbus® TCP Industrial PLC interface for control and monitoring *Series C feature - contact FS support for update information on non-Series C
  • Integrated SIP phone interface for live PA, remote .wav file, and function control using standard SIP phones
  • High-intensity LED light that can be activated independently or with messages
  • Models available with White, Red, Amber, Blue, and Green LEDs
  • Wide variety of flash patterns
  • Power over Ethernet using 802.3at PoE+ 25.5 W *I-IP15 models
  • 24Vdc Power *I-IP15-024 models
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • US/Canadian ETL Listed to UL Std 60065

The Informer15 IP Horn Speaker 15W by Federal Signal is a 15-watt, IP-enabled indoor and outdoor speaker. The Informer15 can be used as a warning and alert device with both audible and visual indicators. The audible capabilities include locally stored high-quality, high-powered tones and voice messages. The visual indicators include the use of message board/scrolling display sign support, strobes, lights, and beacons. The Informer15 can be equipped with up to four local initiation devices (switches) to activate the unit locally and to the Commander® controller for mass notification communications.  

The Informer15 Horn Speaker has an internal 15-watt amplifier/driver to deliver tone warnings and intelligible voice messages from Informer15 stored memory. The Informer15 also has several unique capabilities when working with the Federal Signal Commander software. Using Commander software, the Informer15 can play text-to-speech, stream WAV files or can broadcast live PA. In addition, Commander software can perform a talk/listen to individual Informer15’s to allow call box type communications. The Informer15 also has remote volume control for optimizing sound levels across your alerting area. The remote volume control also includes an ambient-noise-monitoring capability to automatically adjust volume depending on external noise levels. 

The Informer15 allows connection of up to four external switches to activate predefined alert events. The Informer15 can be programmed and configured as a standalone device to only use the inputs to activate the Informer15. This may be useful if the location has no network connectivity, but where voice and tone alerts from locally activated inputs is required. The Informer15 can be networked later and the activations can be brought into the Commander system for full system capability. When the Informer15 is networked using the Commander software, alerts initiated at the Informer15 can be used to activate other devices. The Commander software system can also alert emergency personnel via email, SMS, and hand-held radios using optional messaging software.

The Informer15 includes one output to control the visual indicator and output to activate external relay, which can be used to control external devices. The Informer15 has two 1/2-inch NPT opening on the bottom of the speaker for simple installation of pipe-mount devices. The openings allow access to LAN, open collector output, and activation inputs. The Commander system allows multiple configurations for activation of the open collector output or visual indicator during alerts.

The Informer15 is designed for outdoor use and large indoor structures. It is available in a PoE+(802.3 at) power via a local Ethernet model or in a 24Vdc model.  All wiring interfaces are accessible via internal connectors and built-in NPT entrances for quick and easy installation.

The Informer15 IP Horn Speaker 15W by Federal Signal is available in the following configurations.
Please specify the desired configuration in your order. 

I-IP15-W Informer15, (PoE+ 802.3at), White LED
I-IP15-R Informer15, (PoE+ 802.3at), Red LED
I-IP15-B Informer15, (PoE+ 802.3at), Blue LED
I-IP15-A Informer15, (PoE+ 802.3at), Amber LED
I-IP15-G Informer15, (PoE+ 802.3at), Green LED
I-IP15-024-W Informer15, 24Vdc, White LED
I-IP15-024-R Informer15, 24Vdc, Red LED
I-IP15-024-B Informer15, 24Vdc, Blue LED
I-IP15-024-A Informer15, 24Vdc, Amber LED
I-IP15-024-G Informer15, 24Vdc, Green LED

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