Receiver Base Unit 35W

Receiver Base Unit 35W

Model #ORB35

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Product Overview

  • 7-Input mixer/amplifier includes 4 AUX inputs, 1 priority paging (25V/70V/Line), and 2 MIC/Transmitter inputs

  • Dual front-mounted charging docks for MIC/Transmitters

  • Amplifier output power: 35W

  • Master Volume, plus separate volume controls for each input

  • 8-band EQ: front-mounted bass and treble controls, plus 6-band rear-mounted graphic EQ

  • Speaker output impedances: 70V, 25V, or 8-ohms

  • Output feeds: booster amp, subwoofer

  • Front-mounted AUX input

  • Front-mounted system output (for assistive listening devices, recording, etc.)

  • Page input with VOX-triggered priority override function

  • Rotating, lockable front cover for tamper protection and secure storage of the MIC/Transmitters (2 Keys provided)

  • Confirmation Tone with Volume Control (defeatable)


The Orator Receiver Base Unit uses wireless, infrared technology to transmit the presenter's voice from the microphone to a receiving unit. The system then amplifies the audio and delivers it to strategically positioned audio speakers installed in the ceiling or on the walls. A/V equipment such as projectors, televisions, or computers can also be connected to the Orator system to ensure the clear and equal transmission of audio throughout the classroom.

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