Telephone System Repair Service for Avaya, Nortel and Allworx Systems

Phone System Repair Service for Avaya and Nortel


Telcom & Data Inc. has a fully integrated testing, repair and refurbishing facility specifically for Avaya and Nortel business telephone and voice mail systems including Definity, Legend , Merlin, Partner and Spirit.

  • We use advance testing equipment that detects a component's design weakness for subsequent redesigns or replacement with improved components.
  • Minimum 24-hour burn-in period simulating real world conditions to prevent future failure
  • Exclusive chemical paint process that restores original luster to plastic casings
  • Conditional, anti-static repair center which protects sensitive equipment

Time is of the essence when equipment needs repair or replacement. That's why Telcom & Data Inc. has several time-saving programs to speed up repairs and minimize downtime:

  • Extensive inventory of in-stock parts and related peripherals
  • Emergence same-day repair service
  • Innovative Advanced Replacement Program for 24-hour delivery of replacement parts
  • Standard turn around within 10 to 15 business days for non-emergency repairs Longer, more Extensive Warranties

Telcom & Data Inc. offers repairs and equipment with complete satisfaction guaranteed and extended warranties such as:

  • A 12-month warranty.
  • Emergency-Replacement Guaranteed on all critical components
  • Completely reconditioned equipment and components offering improved performance and longer product life
  • For superior repair and refurbishing of your telecommunications equipment and components

At Telcom & Data Inc., we are eager to provide services for you. We firmly believe that our various solutions will reduce your cost-structure and improve your customer base. Get ahead of the competition, Telcom-Data is with you.

For superior repair and refurbishing of your telecommunications equipment and components Call us at 1-800-335-0229 or 
Fax 414.744.5804

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